Mar 28, 2006
Is there anyway to get information on how the pbem works in civilization, warlords or BtS?

I've been having a lot of difficulty in setting up pbem games Civ and BtS, I haven't really tried yet in Warlords, and I can't find any information on how it works or how to troubleshoot it. I checked the boards for older messages but I find unanswered pleas for help rather than answers.

For example, I can't get either game to send out an e-mail despite having the correct smtp server name. Is there anything else I should be checking, like a port number? The game saves but when I send it to next player the game opens in MY turn thus requiring MY password and not the next player's turn. However I am playing in a GOTM team game and my saves work fine their but we're all playing the same player.

Anyone have an insight on this?
Yeah like how to set up a PBEM so I don't have to go to my E-Mail site just to send it... Seriously this should be stickyed.
the smtp is so much a variable, it could take a while to complie every single setting

for instatnce I have DSL service, but there are many providers that offer DSL

so for all those out there it should be your provider

mine ends up being: mail.charter.net

substitute your compnay and/or ending

I could not figure out goggles to save my life

It would be easier for me to do a walk through via msn messenger

just when ....
the thing is that if your ISP doesn't use port 25 or uses SSL enabled smtp, then civ4 cannot send your game on - no way. I've been playing PBEM games for over a year and manually sending every game. I recently found that I could send email via my gmail account programatically with vb.net - so I wrote a small application to send the games (see sig).
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