PC Zone's Best 101 PC Games List


Oct 25, 2000
British PC gaming magazine PC ZONE recently compiled a "101 Best PC Games Ever" list. The same list is available on both PC Zone and Games Radar.

Not surprisingly, Civilization IV is ranked pretty high on the list, at #3. Here is what they had to say about it:

Looking deep inside the code of Civ IV would be the gaming equivalent of climbing inside the Total Perspective Vortex from The Hitchhiker's Guide - so vast, complex and limitless in potential that your mind would be mulched instantly. Thankfully then, Sid Meier saw fit to nestle a beauteous interface over his creation - letting it feel like you'd got raw history ticking away beneath it all, but keeping it manageable and non-terrifying.

From the very first selection of a decent place to settle to the point at which you first dropped the nuke (and all the pointy-sword squabbling in between), Civilization was so captivating that bedtime was always pushed into the wee small hours. You couldn't help but give human qualities to your AI opponents, analysing their movements and trying to see through their meaningless platitudes and offers of bananas in exchange for plutonium.

There was just no other game that provided such feelings of glory or impending doom - all through one simple 'end turn' key-press to boot. And with Civ IV, well that's the iteration that just nailed everything: multiplayer, looks, religion, music, modding, engine, Leonard Nimoy... Everything.
The other games on the top 10 are: Deus Ex, Half-Life 2, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Half-Life, Rome: Total War, System Shock 2, Doom, Battlefield 2, and The Secret Of Monkey Island. Some of the series, such as The Elder Scrolls and Half Life, have multiple entries on the list.


Oct 30, 2005
Beyond the Veil
Has there been one of these lists where civ did not make the top 10, or even the top 5?
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