1. C

    [BNW] Some XML values (traits/difficulty) not being applied

    I'm making a small balance mod, and I need help getting my changes to traits and AI difficulty to apply in-game. I should start off by saying I don't use ModBoddy for the simple reason that I can't look at such a bright screen. Instead, I skim through the vanilla files until I find the XML...
  2. F

    Enhanced User Interface - Italian Translation

    Hi all, first of all thank you so much @bc1 for your amazing job on EUI. I'm a CivV (very) occasional player and I came across your mod while trying to learn how to beat Deity. I was impressed by the amount of useful features you provide with EUI so I decided to translate it to Italian 🇮🇹 You...
  3. Yand_Durinul

    [GS] Mod Help | Creating a City Project;

    I have created a city project but i would like to add a modifier to specifiy that only a Human player can use said project. So far i believe it will require the following line of code, unfortunately I am unsure where or how to utilise it properly...
  4. Yand_Durinul

    Civiopedia; and how to add to it.

    I have been working on a mod and I am currently at the last stage where I am adding to the civilopdia, more specifically the 'Historical Context' part. Problem is, I have ZERO idea on how to go about doing it. Info - Creating on ModBuddy using XML.
  5. B

    [BTS] Playing map music while screen closeup

    I DID IT ! Answer is to replace : <CitySoundscapes> [...] [...] [...] </CitySoundscapes> with <CitySoundscapes/> in "game_path/adequate_mod_path/Assets/XML/GameInfo/CIV4EraInfos.xml if you found no CIV4EraInfos.xml in your mod path it means it is "inherited" from mod that is 1 "step"...
  6. M

    xml modding help

    i only have the epic games version of civ6 and i want to make a new civ using xml is there any tutorials or example mod
  7. Iconian

    Multiplayer question

    If two players both replace their XML files, such that they both have the same set of XML's, even though the XML's have been modified from the base game, can they play multiplayer with each other?
  8. modmod

    Modding - XML files/ tags/ values

    This topic intented to collect: Existing XML files in Civ4Col modded version Explain what the different tags/ lines intented to do in them. And how those tags CONNECTED TO different XML files/ tags. Treat this as modding resource for XML modders. By the way it helps to personalize the version...
  9. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Coding) Clear Terrain Definitions

    What are 'Clear Terrains' as defined in UnitAbilites.xml, and Modifiers.xml ? So far there's no clear definitions of 'Clear terrain' beyond the in game effects that add +1 movements to TWO chariot class units. Even with @raen 's tools I still se nothing fruitful to exploit in codings. (I'm...
  10. V

    XML Help: Great Person time

    Hi All, Any help would be much appreciated. Version 41 has changed alot of things since I last played C2C, and I can't find in the XML where to edit something. I'd like to decrease the length of time for great generals / great people to spawn. Anyone know where / what I edit to do this?
  11. Kylorin

    Fall From Heaven 2

    Where are the death night graphics?? I need them for a mod and I CANT FIND THEM
  12. Jaey

    Please Help - Missing Plantation .fxsxml and .gr2s

    I've spent hours in Dragon UnPACKer 5 poring over the .fpk files trying to find Plantation_MID_Dye.fxsxml and its corresponding .gr2 file. It seems I've encountered every other improvement in the game except for this one. The Civ5 Improvement ArtDefines .xml file seems to provide a clue in...
  13. Cuica

    [BNW] Help making Great Musician award culture, faith, gold, and science when used.

    Hello, all. I'm new to the forum and mod making for Civ5 and I want to make my own civ. I've got a decent understanding of xml but I am new to lua. I am assuming that the feature I'm trying to implement is only possible with a lua script. One of my civ's unique units replaces the Great...
  14. Galgus

    [XML] How do I use logs to check XML errors? Something in it is making the file fail.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. This can be deleted.
  15. J

    [XML] Refining Victory Conditions / CollectionType + Requirement Logic

    Hi, I am trying to change the Religious Victory conditions from: "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations" to "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations not being a specific leader" or "Having majority religion for all opposing civilizations still having cities"...
  16. R

    Need Help with Culture per merchant specialists

    I am currently making a civilization that gives 1 culture to every merchant specialists. I made a dummy building that give 1 culture yield and a lua script that should give 1 dummy building per merchant specialist. I adapted this script from the summa mod on steam workshop. However, nothing...
  17. J

    [GS] [XML] Need a hand on adding a new Domain for Leaders

    Hi, I have built an Observer mod (Better Spectator Mod), using an unique leader LEADER_SPECTATOR to trigger the change to an observer in game. Everything is lua based and working. My issue another one. Because LEADER_SPECTATOR is currently a member of the Players:Expansion2_Players domain it...
  18. hburak

    New UA - Production Bonus when constructing Factory or Public School

    Hi, I'm creating a new civ, and i want to create an UA that provides produciton bonus when constructing Factory or Public School. Or maybe reducing production cost for factory and public school. (either way ok for me) I think it is not possible with xml. How about Lua ? Basically, i need to...
  19. F

    Modding cache

    New to modding now that I have all this free time due to the pandemic. But I wanted to clear up some of my misconceptions I have. From my reading of Kael's guide, when I make a mod, all my XML files are converted into a SQL database and then used by the game. This data base is called...
  20. Protok St

    [XML] [SQL] How to change a model of Landmark? Solved

    I wanna make a teamcolored Stations and later, Bases. When I gonna with units it's works. Next sample for units: MOD/PW_UnitsSubColor.sql UPDATE ArtDefine_UnitMemberInfos SET Model = 'marine04sp_clr.fxsxml' WHERE Type = 'ART_DEF_UNIT_MEMBER_MARINE04SP'; It goes to this...
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