Please explain espionage defence


May 1, 2008
Maybe it's because it's been so long since I have played a civ4 game but I am confused about this:
Does having a spy in a city provide defense?
Does the number of the spies increase defense?
Is it just espionage cost and buildings that contribute to defense?


May 5, 2010
Orlando, Florida
The 3rd spoiler's spoiler shows a list which allows the player to see secret AI stats graphically compared to the player in the Info Screen (F9).
Were these numbers changed in the RI mod, or just new ones added for the new units that are exclusive to RI?

Soldiers for BTS 3.19

Total Population of all cities combined

1pop = 0 Soldiers
2pop= 1000 Soldiers
3pop= 1000 Soldiers
4pop= 2000 Soldiers
5pop= 2000 Soldiers
6pop= 3000 and so on.


2000 Soldiers - Hunting, Mining, Animal Husbandry, Sailing
4000 Soldiers - Wheel, Alphabet, Metal Casting, Compass, Construction,Astronomy, Steel, Radio, Satellites
5000 Soldiers - Composites, Stealth
6000 Soldiers - Archery, Mathematics, Chemistry, Combustion
8000 Soldiers - Bronze Working, Machinery, Guilds, Fission, Flight, Assembly Line
10000 Soldiers - Iron Working, Horseback Riding, Industrialism, Artillery, Rocketry, Advanced Flight, Laser
12000 Soldiers - Gunpowder, Rifling, Military Science

1000 Soldiers - Trading Post, Shale Plant, Totem Pole
2000 Soldiers - Walls, Dry Dock, Castles, Forge, Factory, Stable, Mint, Assembly Plant, Industrial Park, Levee, Dike
3000 Soldiers - Dun, Barracks, Ikhanda, Citadel
4000 Soldiers - Mt. Rushmore, Red Cross, Iron works, Ger, Statue of Zeus
6000 Soldiers - Military Acadamy
8000 Soldiers - Heroic Epic, Chichen Itza, Scotland Yard, West Point
10000 Soldiers - Great Wall, Cristor Redentor, Moai Statues

2000 Soldiers - Warrior, Quechua, Galley
3000 Soldiers - Archer, Trireme, Caravel, Carrack
4000 Soldiers - Spearman, Impi, Holkan, Skirmisher, Bowman, Chariot, War Chariot, Immortal, Galleon, Airship
5000 Soldiers - Catapult, Hwacha
6000 Soldiers - Swordsman, Jaguar, Gallic Warrior, Axeman, Dog Soldier, Phalanx, Vulture, Pikeman, Landsknecht, Longbowman, Horse Archer, Numidian Cavalry, Keshik, East Indiaman, Privateer, Guided Missile
7000 Soldiers - Cho-Ko-Nu, Crossbow
8000 Soldiers - Praetorian, War Elephant, Ballista Elephant, Trebuchet, Frigate
9000 Soldiers - Maceman, Samurai, Musketman, Musketeer, Janissary, Oromo Warrior
10000 Soldiers - Berserker, Knight, Camel Archer, Ship of the Line
12000 Soldiers - Grenadier, Cataphract, Cuirassier, Conquistador, Cannon, Ironclad, Fighter
14000 Soldiers - Missile Cruiser, Rifleman, Redcoat, Anti Tank, Machine Gun
15000 Soldiers - Cossack, Cavalry
16000 Soldiers - Transport, Carrier, Bomber
18000 Soldiers - SAM Infantry, Artillery
20000 Soldiers - Infantry, Stealth Bomber
22000 Soldiers - Mobile SAM
24000 Soldiers - Jet Fighter
26000 Soldiers - Gunship, Mobile Artillery
28000 Soldiers - Marine, Navy SEAL, Submarine
30000 Soldiers - Paratrooper, Tank, Panzer, Destroyer, Stealth Destroyer, Attack Submarine, Tactical Nuke
32000 Soldiers - Mechanized Infantry
40000 Soldiers - Modern Armor, Battleship, ICBM

Power is all the Soldiers added up into one number.

Power Ratio is the Player's Power / AI's Power.
This number is very important for whether an AI decides the player is a valid war target, how much a player can beg/demand from an AI, if a Cease Fire is an option to end a war.
Generally if a player has more Power than the AI, the war can end with a Cease Fire or a Peace Treaty with the AI giving stuff to the player.
It is affected by the player or AI winning battles, capturing cities, and to a small extent capturing Workers or Settlers.

The player's Power can be viewed any time in the Info Screen (F9) -> Demographics Tab at the bottom -> Value Column.

Walter Hawkwood

RI Court Painter
Nov 18, 2003
London, UK
We didn't touch anything related to that; my guess is that this is just based on XML power value for those units/buildings, and then new stuff should integrate rather seamlessly into the system.


Dec 6, 2007
Anyone know how to see if my counter espionage is active in game?
The game tell me the counter espionage duration is 77 turns. With 8 AI, you can not really blame me to no remember the turn I need to reactivate the counter espionage mission.
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