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Feb 25, 2002
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A while ago I obtained a copy of CivilisationII that involved a WW2 scenario. I installed this on the hard drive and ran it on windows 95. We then had the computer upgraded to use Windows 98 and lost the copy!

I would dearly like to find this game again but most shop assistants just shrug their shoulders or refer me to some unhelpful website or other.

One posting on this site described the version i would need as being ToT or MGB (or something) but not being very well informed
about these acronyms I wonder if someone could tell me:-

1. What is the name of the variant I need to buy? (full name please and, if possible, a description of the box so i can spot it in the shop)

2. Will this run on windows 98 as well as it did on W95?

3. Where can i buy it? (eg Amazon etc)

Thanks very much!
Sounds like you're either looking for the original Civ2 or Civ2 MGE (Multiplayer Gold Edition). Both have the original WW2 scenario, as well as a Rome scenario. MGE also has about 10-20 more scenarios, plus multiplayer, and a tricked-out AI that declares war on you at the drop of the proverbial hat.

If you live in the states, you can prolly find a copy of one or the other in the bargain bin of a video game store (Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA, Electronics Boutique). Or you can prolly order online at amazon or ebgames or some other online retailer. You might also find it at a used-game store; where i live, for instance, a good used book store also carries used CD-ROMs.

My advice: Get MGE. Most of the scenarios on this site require MGE or FW (Fantastic Worlds; the version that came between the original Civ2 and MGE). There are quite a few good WWII scenarios. Some of the other posters around here can steer you to some that just flat out rock.

Hope that helps.
I have been to Hastings lately and they had a Civ 2 (not MGE though) for $10. Maybe you can try there.
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You can PM me. I'll help you to get it ;)D

Tssk trying to trap more unsuspecting posters in your *completely legal* opperations....;)
now now, he was only trying to help! Besides, we know what the last big thing to come out of Grantham did for us!
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