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  • haha

    Yeah it wasn't intentional; I didn't go looking for the 'perfect screen grab'. I just paused it and coincidentally it was at that moment between words when he just looked awkward. It made me immediately think of you. :lol:
    I remember that :), but no, has nothing to do with it.
    It's just so that I stopped with anything civ related, but still needed to do something relaxing online, therefore OT.
    I would post it in the Tavern even though it's in IALS already. I meant to tell you that, sorry. It won't ever get seen in IALS.
    Hey I'm sorry I forgot about your OP. I'll work on it tonight when I get out of class. Sorry again. :)
    Sure thing. One thing though, I'll be out hiking in the woods today so I won't be able to get to it until this evening at the earliest, possibly not till tomorrow. If you're fine with that then send me what you got. :)
    I think I am pretty good at it. I spam enough so I have practice.:lol:

    The question is:
    To Gibson or not to Gibson
    There's only one shelter near me and the website doesn't explicitly say it's a no-kill shelter. We called and left a message (they close at 4pm and we missed it). Hopefully I'll talk to them tomorrow and get some answers.
    Wait wait wait
    PETA kills the animals it rescues? Are you effing serious bro? WTF my whole world just exploded.

    Well, my wife says the cat looks good. I'm indifferent but it's not ugly by any means; I just think it's dirty.

    Good call on looking for no kill shelters and asking them to check for microchips. I'm sure the lady across the way feels some claim over the animal, but she never lets it inside and obviously doesn't care for it beyond leaving food for it that it doesn't even eat.

    I need to check to make sure it doesn't have a collar though.

    But if she does flat-out, indisputably own the cat then that's animal abuse.
    Don't know if you saw my rant in the rants thread...but there's a wild cat that lives around our building. The lady across from us tries to feed it even though the cat doesn't get the food because the coons/possums/birds eat all the food. Anyways, it has a really nasty wound on it's face. Basically, the skin on part of it's face fell off and it's just a bloody, open, festering wound. I'm thinking about calling animal control. Will they help it? Thoughts?
    We shall arrange for blue-skinned babes for when you return.

    Fare well, O Plutonian Empire!
    More trolling would sure help, but I do not really recommend that ^^.

    And belated happy birthday :bday:.
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