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PLEASE let me host your unit!


Jan 9, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden

For those that don't know me (I used to only hang at Apolyton) I'm the creator of a mod called M3 which uses 24 units with their own unique artwork. I'm not here to take credit - I got all the graphics from you guys, and the guys at Apolyton - but rather to say, let me host all user-made unit graphics on my site!

Because I figured, I'm going to host everything I like and tuck it in my mod anyways, so why don't I turn my site into a portal for unit graphics? I have most of it already, that I'm aware of.

So, please email me your units to webmaster@overvikt.se , or post them in this thread, or guide me in the direction where to find them. I'm particularly interested in more flavor units - UUs without advantages that add diversity to the battlefield, á la the chinese ninja at my site.

My M3 mod site: http://www.angelfire.com/amiga/civ3/

Yeah. At my site users can download stand-alone zips with BikerGyrl (BlueO), Hardsuit (BlueO) and Stormtrooper (Zippo), but I don't currently use any of them in my mod. I'm hoping to add more as I go along, but I'll always miss units vacuuming the boards so I was hoping modders call my attention :)
I see you have my Penguin missile. I don't mind since you give me due credit. Good luck with your site. Would you like any more of my units?
wow, i think you have all my finished units up on your site.


You have a very nice collection of units.
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