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Podcast: "Legacies of Ancient Persia" with Leyla Johnson


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Oct 22, 2008
The Pourdavoud Institute for the studies of ancient Persia is running a podcast called "Legacies of Ancient Persia".
In their latest episode they have interviewed Leyla Johnson, and talk about her middle Eastern background and obviously Old World.
Leyla tells how she loves history (and to talk with Soren about it), how the interviewer got her 84 years old father to play Old World and he loved the history in it, that Old World was the only indy game to be nominated for a Grammy, and much more.
Listen to the whole podcast here.

These news have been sourced from Twitter.
See also the official podcast site (https://pourdavoud.ucla.edu/legacies-of-ancient-persia/) and download links for those of us who listen to podcasts but don't have Spotify.

Haven't listened to it yet, but have downloaded it through Overcast to listen to on a drive later this winter. There are some other episodes in the podcast that look interesting as well, and I can see how it could be a good entry point to even more Persian history podcasts.
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