PolyCast Update


Jun 29, 2012
Hello everyone.

It's been a while since we've said anything publicly, but I felt like i should say something. I probably should have earlier.

First, although there has not been a published episode since last year, our show has not been canceled. We have four episodes already recorded for this year that should have been released already, and a fifth was recorded today. There is a reason why we haven't released them. A significant onslaught of real-life and technical issues have made editing these episodes far more difficult than it should have been. There has been a combination of medical issues, the birth of a child, difficulties with streaming hardware, and other issues i won't describe in any other way that to say they are exhausting and consuming. I don't know when we will be able to publish the new episodes to the RSS, but it will happen when possible.

In lieu of edited content, I have decided to leave the raw broadcasts available for streaming on YouTube. All four episodes are there plus the fifth we recorded today. If you are interested, feel free to listen. If you want to wait for the edited version, that is likewise fine.


Spoiler :
I had a feeling something was going on IRL, so I just left you guys alone until you announced something formally. I just figured it was a lack of new Civ-related info to discuss that was dissuading you from recording episodes. Hopefully one of the episodes will reveal who the "birth of a child" refers to.
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