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  1. CGQ

    [BTS] How the heck do I approach this start? Coastal but no fishing start (Shaka Immortal Game)

    I just rolled an immortal start with Shaka and it's...well interesting. So we got a leader with no fishing, only has a AGRI, but at least there's a grassland piggy. No fishing to take advantage of seafood. My first instinct is to move my scout 1SE to see if there's any more land food: My...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] I challenge all of you to try to beat this Immortal map

    I took inspiration from AcaMetis' Noble's club and made a map that I believe will be a nightmare to anyone who tries to beat it. I'm actually very interested in seeing how you approach it. [/SPOILER] I only have it for immortal, I don't know how to make it in world edit so you can change the...
  3. T_80_Tank

    Map of the World - 900 AD

    Hello there! :religion: I'd like to show you some more screens from my game. :hammers: It's my own Civ 4 mod based on RFC DoC by Leoreth and Additional AI for CiV 4 with my significant changes. It's include 164 civs on the gigantic Earth Map. Kinda historic role play. Unfortunately it's...
  4. CGQ

    [BTS] How do I get out of an economic situation like this? (Immortal Isolated game)

    So I started playing an old game from two years ago (continents, no huts/events). The leader is Bismark and I had this nice double corn start. I met my very close neighbor Pacal II and when I found I had copper I did a nice Axe rush and with only 8 axes was able to take all his 3 cities filled...
  5. T_80_Tank

    Map of the World - 800 AD

    Hello there! :religion: I'd like to show you some screens from my game. :hammers: It's my own Civ 4 mod based on RFC DoC by Leoreth and Additional AI for CiV 4 with my significant changes. It's include 164 civs on the gigantic Earth Map. Kinda historic role play. Unfortunately it's unplayable...
  6. MrBungler

    [BTS] Shadow Game: Monarch w/ Charlemagne

    Hi fanatics! Finally ready to improve at this wonderful game, and looking forward to learning from you. First shadow game, so let me know if I'm doing things wrong. I've been hooked on Civ since I first played the original with my cousin back in '92. Played all of them over the years, but keep...
  7. CGQ

    [BTS] How in the world does Pacal II tech so fast?!

    I've played this game for years and one thing that baffles me like crazy is every time Pacal II is an AI, if I don't kill him early in the game, he will tech so fast it's insane. How is that possible? What does he do differently (as an AI) that the others don't? Can someone who's more...
  8. Piquito2223

    How do I stop being a perfectionist?

    Every time I play, I always seek to achieve the perfect game with no mistakes. Fail to complete a wonder? I quit and start a new game. My army fails to beat the enemy and have to waste another 10 turns to raise a new army, failing behind in technology? Start a new game. Build the Pyramids and...
  9. Inverted.

    Can you mod in era based soundtracks?

    I used to like the civ 5 soundtrack until I started playing civ 4. Not that the soundtrack of civ 5 is bad, but I found the soundtrack of civ 4 better and more fitting for a civilization game. Is there any way to mod era based music to civ 5? Or is it impossible? I found something in the...
  10. CGQ

    [BTS] New Shadow Game...But with several twists!

    Instead of the usual settings, I've been winning a lot of Immortal domination games lately so I decided to try a Terra map this time :D
  11. CGQ

    [BTS] How often do you re-load? I do it all the time and I want to know if I'm the only one

    I've played this game for the last 3 years and I can't tell you how many times I've raged/reloaded! I usually try to avoid re-loading. When I gamble for instance, fine. But... Lose a super-promoted great general in a 80-90% odds battle? Reload. Lose a settler to a bear? Reload. Mis-click...
  12. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast Update

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since we've said anything publicly, but I felt like i should say something. I probably should have earlier. First, although there has not been a published episode since last year, our show has not been canceled. We have four episodes already recorded for...
  13. Matsuda123

    United Forces Battleship 2022-03-31

    The United Forces Battleship from The Legend of Korra. While I dislike the show compared to Avatar, this design was really great, and so I thought it would make for a useful Asian battleship flavor unit. Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and animating. I made the model and prettied up...
  14. CGQ

    [BTS] [Immortal Game] What to do from this point? Mansa Musa is killing me here

    While I do my shadow game, I've been currently playing a side-game as Ghandi on immortal so far. The settings are standard with normal settings and no huts/events.
  15. CGQ

    [BTS] Just another typical Isolated immortal shadow game with Wang Kon

    All this real world war and conflict got my civilization juices flowing again! :) I just rolled a Fractal map with random settings. No huts/events.
  16. Blake00

    Empire Earth Mod (ToT) 1.0

    About: An amazing total conversion modpack with Civ4 themed custom graphics, animation & videos by Leif and Faye. Mod files downloaded from Mediafire and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 ToT. Also there was no Title.gif so Blake added one for fun. Modpack discussions...
  17. C

    Looking to try civ4 PBEM

    Hi, I heard about PBEM games for civ4 and wondered if there were any still going on or starting?
  18. Matsuda123

    Japanese Airship 2021-04-14

    This, as far as I know, is the first nation specific airship. There will be more to come! Expect a Meso Airship, Egyptian/Mideast Airship, and maybe more. Thank you very much to MightyToad for the initial skinning / rigging. I made the model and finished up the texturing.
  19. Matsuda123

    Ancient Japanese Worker 2021-03-27

    Finally, a new Asian worker unit! :) This time, it is a Japanese worker for the ancient period. This one in particular is from the Yayoi period. So it won't do for Jomon or Ainu stuff, but I'll get to that later most likely. Thanks to MightyToad for skinning and rigging, Bakuel for the...
  20. L

    [BTS] Other players cannot see my game in the Internet games Lobby

    Hello guys, As in the title really, I have created a game in Civ 4 BTS, I am in the staging room, and my friend is in the Internet Games lobby. We can both see a list of games that are identical, but we cannot see each other's games when we set one up. Any ideas? We have tried the pinned...
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