Poor Diplomacy


Jun 4, 2006
Hi Civfanatics,
I just got this game a couple of days ago and I have to say in general I am pretty impressed, the ranged fighting and lack of stacks make the game more tactical. And most of the other new elements seem fine I particularly like the city states (though it would be good if you could gain influence through coercion and threats as opposed to just handing over sacks of gold or doing missions). My biggest complaint is the terrible state of the diplomacy. I can't get neighbouring civilisations to agree to do anything with me other than open borders and all the leaders regularly declare war on me without provocation, this might be because I have been a bad neighbour but it feels like its because the developers haven't had much faith in their ability make the AI behave intelligently with regard to diplomacy so they just figure it won't matter if their at war all the time(TW style).

What do others think?


Oct 6, 2002
i agree with pretty much all you say, i like the game but yes the diplomacy sucks big time, there is no logic to it, i have played three games and the ai seems very unlogical. In my opinion this is the one thing that needs urgent attention.
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