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Possible new bug w/ espionage & science advisor?


Jan 21, 2002
Okay, here's the current situation:

First, I initiated "Steal Technology" in the Espionage pop-up and stole a technology (Democracy, I believe) from France. Immediately after getting out of the science advisor screen, another popup said I had learned a technology through the Great Library, and prompted me as usual for another tech choice. At this point, I selected "What's the big picture?" and I was brought immediately back to the science advisor screen, but the one meant for espionage. I couldn't pick a new tech to research, and since the tech I stole was the only one available to steal, I was essentially locked in the science advisor screen with a prompt that would say "Our agent needs to know what to steal!" when I'd attempt to exit.

Only obvious way to get out of it is to end process through task manager. :(
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