Problem With Replay


Feb 8, 2002
I was wondering if anybody else has had a problem with the replay function at the end of games.

In almost any game I play that goes past a few hundred years, after the game is over, the replay screen comes up, but clicking on the buttons does nothing. The replay never "Gets Started"; it just stays on 4000 B.C. (or whatever it starts at)

I suspect that this only happens on games that end after I have exited the program and then entered Civ3 again and loaded the game from a save. But I haven't tested that to be sure. I only know that in early games where I don't save and I get my butt kicked pretty early, the replay doesn't work, but in games where I'm in it to the end, it doesn't.

Has this happened to anybody else? Or does the replay work fine for everyone but me?

BTW, if anybody really wants to know it, my specs are a Pentium III 550 Mhz running Win2K, 256MB, and I don't think it has anything to do with background programs running, although I usually have Norton Anti-Virus scan running, and sometimes Winamp.
Take a brake. It might need >10 minutes to load all replaydata from big saves.
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