Problem with user-created maps in conquests


Nov 6, 2003
I downloaded a few maps from the User-created map forum on this site. I'm experiencing this problem where whenever I'm playing one of these maps it takes forever to complete a turn. I dont use extravegent amounts of civs, max 16, and I've tried it with as low as 4, but it still takes upwards to 1 minute to complete a turn!:eek: Sometimes it just hangs and the task manager shows it as 'not responding'.

This never happens in a regular random map game. I can play 16 civs on a huge map and even in the late ages it takes almost no time at all to complete a turn.

anyone know how to fix this?
I've tried both conquest-world maps that are posted in the forums directory of conquest maps thread.
I tried the Italy map and it seemed to work fine. Maybe a setting or something is changed on the world maps? I never do any editing so I wouldn't know where to start, anyone have any ideas?
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