promotions with 2 wins


Sep 14, 2001
I just had 3 battles in a row from horsemen barbs to my regular forest Enkida warrior. The first I won both rounds and got promoted to 4 HP vet. Second I lost a hitpoint then won the next 2 HP but no promotion. Third attack I won both HP and got promoted to elite with 4 healed out of 5 HP now. In vanilla civ a second, third, etc. win per turn gauranteed a promotion. I didn't get promoted on my second win though. A new thing or just a bug? I still have the save if it is but I am guess Firaxis changed it so this is normal. Anyone else have multiple attackes but not get promoted? What about with blitz units?
Is it always happening, or only sometimes?

In Civ3 and PtW, I would get rare instances of this happening even though it wasn't supposed to be possible, but I was unable to get it to consistently happen.
I don't think it was quite that simple pre-C3C; 2 victories in a turn would guarantee a reg-vet promotion and a third would guarantee vet-elite but if you luck out and get your reg-vet promotion on the 1st victory, you wouldn't necessarily get an elite on the 2nd victory.
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