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PT-BR Mods Translations Delivery

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Creation & Customization' started by Rac, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Rac

    Rac Chieftain

    Nov 19, 2015
    Hello, I'm Rac98 and I make mods translations for Brazilian Portuguese.

    Well, as we are close to a new patch, and probably most of the mods will need updating, I decided to post this thread to give audience for my translations, since my old post failed miserably in that, they are in that dropbox link below . Some of the translations have text adaptations and others have text line changes in SQL. and LUA. files so if you, author, add those translations see if you do not need to add any new text tags. Also some of the files include updates and corrections of PT-BR translations that already exist, as well as installation instructions in Portuguese, if you have any Lusophone reading this and do not want to wait for official updates of the translated mods.

    And if you, the creator of mods, want me to do some specific translation, just leave the request in the comments that I deliver the translation in less than 1 week (except if the spirit of laziness is haunting me, so it takes about 2 weeks) ; and also continue posting new translations in this link of this thread.


    And well, this is the list of mods translated so far, along with some comments:

    - Resourceful
    - Resourceful 2

    - Clement Attlee (with Margaret Thatcher text in the folder, when she was relaunch)
    - Han Wudi
    - Henry VII
    - Korea Rework
    - Oirat Civilization
    - Qianlong
    - Sejong
    - Suu Kyi
    - Taizu of Song
    - Tang Taizong
    - Wu Zetian

    - Better Espionage Screen
    - Better Trade Screen
    - More Lenses
    (by what I remember, the first time I translated this mod it had text lines without localization tags, but when I had the update for the R&F, it seems these lines exist no more, at least I did not find them, but in the I doubt I left the files with the lines in the folder)

    CIVITAS (@p0kiehl, @thecrazyscot, @Sailor Cat and cia)
    - CIVITAS Resources Expanded

    - Galicia Civilization (well it has a grammar error that needs to be fixed, and here is the updated text)
    - Moors Civilization

    - Suzerain At A Glance - SSUI Edition (all the translation is inside of line texts without localization tags, so... by the way this could be use in the stand alone version, only needs to extract the translated text)
    - Orginal Owner At A Glance - SSUI Edition (same thing as was said above, but this mod has not yet been updated for R&F, and could be use in the stand alone and in the At A Glance UI Collection)

    - CiVI Reformation Victories (with the translation, I also re-scaled and modified a little bit the victory icons, originals of @Zyxpsilon, by the way, the bigger icons are not supposed to be in 256x256 instead of 128x128?)

    - Starting Free Cities

    - Better Report Screen ( :thumbsup: is already part of the mod)
    - Real Natural Disasters (has a line text without localization tag in one the files, and I created new icons for the disasters, at the moment these are still scaled up to upgrade to better versions, but for now they are now available)

    - Rule With Faith (well, let me warn you about two changes I made: in the GameText_Governors.sql file I changed the lines of text by the respective tags that exist in the localization file so that they can be translated into Portuguese, SQL does not recognize words with accents, because of this I changed; and another thing, sorry for ignorance but who is Tranquilad? seriously I did not find anything on him on the internet to improve the civilopedia text, so I took the liberty to change his name by the name of a famous "religious" figure in Latin America, or more specifically in Brazil, that is Chico Xavier, one of those responsible for almost 4 million Spiritists, from the doctrine of Allan Kardec in Brazil, so... a kind of a valid choice?)

    - Argentina Civilization
    - Colombia Civilization
    - Francisco Pizarro
    - Free City Flavour
    - Getulio Vargas
    - Israel Civilization
    (I still remember that there was an error in the civilopedia text in which the Sanhedrin and other descriptions of the things that this mod adds did not appear, so when to update look for this)
    - Itzcoatl
    - Kongo Leader Pack
    - Mexico Civilization
    (has both the pre and post R&F version)
    - Orélie Antoine

    - Aethelflaed
    - Anglo-Saxons Civilization

    - Gold Resource

    @ChimpanG, @Sailor Cat, @SeelingCat and cia
    - Religion Expanded

    - Alternate Score Victory

    - Steel and Thunder - Unit Expansion (This mod already has a Portuguese translation but it is outdated and has some semantic errors, so this is a update)

    - Burma Civilization (sorry for the separate texts, this happened because I manually separated the tags from .sql to make the translation work)
    - Civ Selection (text without localization tags, I ended up modifying directly)
    - Historicity++ ( :love: this translation is a jewel of my translations, let's say I used your mod not only to correct names errors but also to correct the errors of the Portuguese translations of vanilla and R&F, so it turned out a very large file) EDIT: Post Spring Patch 2018 file available.
    - Improved Mod Screen
    - Policy Manager
    - Sukritact's Resources
    - Simple UI Adjustments
    (there are lines of text without localization tags in this mod, but it seems that after the last update they are no longer useful, but anyway I will leave the files in the folder)

    - Historical Religions (I think it's possible to add some four religions that exist in Brazil to diversify a little bit more, if you want to take a look I left some texts about them at the end of the file)

    And that's all I've translated so far...
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
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  2. Antagonise

    Antagonise Warlord

    May 4, 2014
    Hey Rac, sorry for not including your translations as of yet, I've been pretty absent from modding. Please feel free to remind me next time I release something I and will see when I have time to get around to it, keep up the good work.
  3. Canabrava

    Canabrava Prince

    Jun 7, 2007
    Nice work. Now civ 6 is in portuguese, find mods are hard.
  4. raen

    raen Coat of Arms

    May 12, 2003
  5. Canabrava

    Canabrava Prince

    Jun 7, 2007
    Very nice! I was worried because CIV 6 in portuguese could crash if ENG mods. Well done!
  6. Rac

    Rac Chieftain

    Nov 19, 2015
    OHH YES, after a reform in my house, I finally finished translating the Historical Religions of @Tomatekh , Jesus, how many religions does that add to the total? And even with all the research that he did still did not have some significant minority religions in the history of Brazil, perhaps because they are endemic to Brazil and have never been followed by some important politician.... Ah, I also upgraded translation from @Amatheria's resourceful to the new version with the farm features, so... Well now I'm finally going to do news translations faster.

    Well my next targets are @Antagonise's Sejong and @raen's Portugal (maybe I can help with a little more than just the translation in this one), so keep an eye on.

    By the way, also updated the Historicity ++ for Spring Patch 2018 and I highly recommend that any speaker of Portuguese use this translation because it "corrects" things like :wallbash: "Paises Baixos" ( "Nether Countries", aka Netherlands) to :bowdown:"Holanda"... Well, it's that kind of name change I did in that file.
    Seriously I hate countries with more than one word name, these names make them lose some of their identity, at least in my point of view.
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