Question about cultural win


Dec 15, 2001
If i try to win by having 2 time the culture of my oponent is it 2 time more then all civ additioned together or is is 2 time more then the highest cultural civ in the game?

turn 100 my culture 1400
i used ambassies to find out
civ 1,2,3,4,5 have 1 towm and everytime theyre where going to build a culture building in there capital i destroyed it so they have a max of 200 culture each

i played at the easiest cuz i wanted to make a culture rush win....
Cultural win requires a minimum 100,000 CP's in your empire or 20,000 in one city to take effect.

in other words, there is no way to get it early.
i have been told by many different people on this bord that it was posible to win by having 2 time the culture of your opponents...

where did you get your information???
You need 100,000 CP's AND more than double anyone else's total CP's to win culturally.

However a 20,000 CP city wins regardless of anyone else's cultural accumulation.

The information is in the Strategy Guide
ok thanks for the information.:)

yeah i know about the 2 last,
i wanted to won every sort of game it was posible and this was the only one i haven'T done, guess i might of missread since i am french and english my second language or some poeple made a misstake themself...

thanks you very much for your info, i won'T continue my game anymore....
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