Questions about playing this game on non-Windows OSes

Jarek Noschese

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May 5, 2019
Hancock Point, Maine
My new MacBook (OS 10.14) just came in the mail this afternoon. It's the only other way that I know of to get this game working, although I haven't actually tried to do so (yet). If I wanted to play this game on a Linux OS instead, what's the highest Linux operating system that would be able to run the game? I only know that Mac OS X 10.14 is the highest for running SMAC/X. (Good thing too, because I now prefer anything other than Microsoft Windows [for now, that is] after realizing just how insecure the infamous Win32 protocol truly is.)

Specs of the MacBook, in question...

Obtainment Method: purchased from eBay (cost me $136)
Screen Size: 13 inches, Aluminum-coated
Year: late 2008 (I would've been in 4th grade, so 10 years old, then.)
Hard Drive Space: 160 GB
RAM: 4 GB, 1067 MHz DDR3
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics: 256 MB Video RAM, NVIDIA Geforce 9400M
Condition: Refurbished/Useable
Supported Removable Media Formats: CDs, DVDs and USB Drives
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Update: Just got the game installed, but with an issue. Every time I make a selection, my cursor disappears. If I press a unit-related hotkey however, it shows up again. On the other hand, this only works if I'm focusing on the map exclusively. The cursor will disappear again as soon as I bring up any of the menus. Therefore, I can't tell what I'm trying to select unless it's highlighted. This makes navigating the menus aggravating; forcing me to use the old way of Command+Q in order to exit the game. Trust me. There's no way that I'm actually going to start a game with this problem. I was merely trying to disable and enable the preferences the way that I liked it. It's totally impossible now (or at least close to it) for me to navigate preferences with a ton of options for them. For example, I can neither adjust the sound volumes; nor the warning preferences due to this bug. However, I can (technically) goof around with the other preferences; even though it's much more difficult: and I refuse to revert back to playing this game on Microsoft Windows regardless. Help, please?!
Update: never mind. I just included "DirectDraw=0" in the .ini file for the game ["Alpha Centauri" section]. Once the game registered the change, the issue subsided.
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