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What does Calendar have to do with cottages?
Nothing directly. But if you're going to want to plop a plantation down on the calendar resource (and you usually do want to), the value of the cottage becomes a lot less (as it will have no potential to develop into a town.) Cottage will only get you one extra :commerce:; if it's worked long enough to get to a hamlet before being bulldozed for the plantation it will have two extra :commerce:. So you're usually better off farming the resource before calendar. And you can usually plop the farm down earlier than the cottage.
What does Calendar have to do with cottages?
Calender takes a while to get to, so if you place a cottage on a sugar tile and grow it into a town by the time you're able to build plantations you'll have to destroy the town in order to hook up the resource. Usually this actually lowers the tile yield, but is still worth doing to hook up the resource.

A better solution is to place a farm on the sugar tile (assuming you can), and place a cottage on another tile that will stay a cottage long(er) term. That way once you get to calender you're not bulldozing over your town to hook up a resource, instead you're improving upon a farm.
Not got bug mode 4.4. Was that save really 2000ad? Don't you have an earlier save? 1ad would of been better.
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