Questions on modeling leaders

Nov 11, 2009
I know this is very premature, since we can't know how the leaders are defined in the files in Civ5, but I'm hoping that the basic idea is similar to Civ 4. That being said, I'd like to know what skills I should have when the game ships out if I want to make a leader for the game.

So... what exactly is the basic idea behind making a leader? Should I know how to make a 3d wireframe and how to put a 2d texture over it? Should I know something else? Should I know something else on top of 3d wireframe + 2d texture?

And are there any good guides for total noobs out there?
I'd like to use gimp for 2d textures. Is there any open source application for 3d modeling as well?



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Nov 8, 2002
The Netherlands
As you say, it's very premature. Very little is known about the way mods are to be made and how they work witin the game. If you want to get practice on modding, you might want to start with something for [civ4] as those skills will come in handy when doing modding for other games (like [civ5]).

More info on the Civ4 creation and customization forum.
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