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Feb 6, 2002
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i am right in saying that the game score is based pretty much on the happiness of my people. well, that seems (as i'm a newbie to the game) i'm just gonna hit 2050 (again) and lose. i always keep my citizans at the minimum happy rate - always did in civ II without a problem - i don't see how i should lose the game because of it.
okay, so i'm in my second game, and it's seems to be going the way the first went - it's gonna hit 2050 and i'll lose. even though i'll probably be technologically more advanced, have bigger army, more cash etc.. i'm not ready to reach another victory condition before that date yet, but, am i missing something here? i know your probably thinking "just get better at it!!", and i will, but i'd like to have the chance to do more than just shoot through the game until 2050....and then lose - i can see it coming!!
any thoughts?? (and have patience with me, only my second game)
Final score is mostly determined by how much land is under your control, followed by how many cities you have. That is, if you run out of time before any other type of game ending.
Money and military size aren't important. There are different types of victory with different conditions for each.

The domination victory seems like a good choice for you, control the most land area.

I usually go for cultural or space race. Others like the diplomatic, I've done that one too.

You have to decide early on what type of victory you'll go for and aim for that. But, money in the bank is worthless in this game.
The histograph score, from what I have figured out is factored by:

1. Territory
2. Happy people
3. Content and Specialist citizens (unhappy people count for 0)

This is based on your average throughout the game, so making them all happy at your last turn, won't help. This is also why conquered civs still have scores, but go down slowly after time.

Other bonuses are for difficulty level, and if you win before 2050 A.D. you get bonuses for how quickly you won.
thanks all

mmm, domination victory, eh?? didn't know about that one. "read the manual", i hear you scream! i would but it's in thai - have to rely on the online version - and we all know how we love those things.

You have to decide early on what type of victory you'll go for and aim for that
- that's a bit dissapointing - i always thought my general strategy could change over time as situations dictate......ah well, can't have everything - still a good game, sure i'll learn to appreciate it more as i play.
.....But to deal with your situation at hand, what I would do (if it's not too late, is use all that money to bribe the other civs to declare war against the top civ. I do this by declaring war, then on the SAME TURN bribe them with all that cash or techs. Do this during the same turn, so your enemy can't get them as allies first. I go for my enemies neighbors first (giving them techs that will give them a military edge over your enemy helps, along with any necessary resources), because their neighbors will be able to cause more damage quickly. Hopefully that civ gets destroyed and you can catch up in score.

I usually build my infrastructure alot, like it sounds like you have done to get ahead in techs, then I'll look at the score, and if I'm not number one, I'll get the whole world against whoever is ahead of me in score to knock them down (or do it myself with my own military if I have to). Expand early in the game to claim lots of territory. Get those luxuries to keep your citizens happy, and build those happiness improvements.
Speaking of Domination victories.... I usually play my games at the Regency level and go for either the Cultural victory or U.N. victory. When (if) I achieve these, my score is anywhere between 500-1000 points, and history usually regards me as "Clubber the Alcoholic", or something along those lines. I don't really care about that, as long as I am enjoying the game that I'm playing and building a large, prosperous empire that is able to defend itself without being destroyed (and will last for hours).

So anyway, last night I decided to play a Domination game for the first time. I played at Warlord level, I'm the Egyptians, against Greece, Romans & India. Tiny map and all conditions were set to "Random". Within 6 turns I had built my first city and first warrior to explore my whereabouts. I immediately came across the Greeks, who had not even built their first warrior to defend Alexandria, so I walked right in unchallenged and they were history. My warrior walked about 6 more squares only to repeat this process with the Romans. This guy was like......Rambo!!! So on he went until he met Ghandi, who had one warrior fortifed in his only town. I decided it was worth the risk and attacked !!! Well, once again Rambo was victorious and the Indians went the way of the Greeks and Romans before them. Game over within 25 turns !! My final score for this pathetic effort was a whopping 6400 points (or about that) and I was declared "Clubber the Magnificent".

The motto of this is:

Don't play the game for score, play for victory & enjoyment.

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