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Quick Questions and Answers

you mean zoom in?
For the required screen resolution, the unit panel and minimap take up a lot of space.
Interested in any method (mod, code editing, etc.) namely zoom out (reduce, decrease) the scale of the minimap and unit panel (I assume you can change the sizes in ...\Civilization V\Assets\DLC\Expansion2\UI\InGame\WorldView\UnitPanel_small.xml ).
I’m not good at this syntax, so I reduced the “size” of some elements, but did not change the size of the icons. It looks more or less.
Ideally, be able to globally change the scale of individual interface elements, for example in percentages.
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Do you know of a way to skip the silly Play screen Civ5 stops at on initial launch?
Ie go straight thru to the main menu.

How does the Demographics index calculates stats? For example, I have a total of 24 pop distributed between 4 cities, another civ has 16 pop distributed among 2 cities, yet they have the greatest population according to the Demographics index
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