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of Portugal
Mar 4, 2023
Hello, I'm starting a daily series of a random tips, and today this is my tip:

When at golden-level era score, stop yourself from getting much era score, save it for the next era to make it easier to get golden ages in the future--for example--don't finish the +4 faith holy site, or don't move those few tiles to get the worlds first circumnavigation, although don't feel like you can't do it at all, because--especially with repeatable ones--it isn't going to harm your playthrough too much, just try to do it rarely.
Hello again! I've been doing a series recently and this is the second installment--anyway--time for the tip.

If you have a good friendship with a leader, you can charge them for starting an alliance. This can give you in most cases some extra little bit of money, which can help you with buying units to keep you safe while trying to work towards your victory-related production. You can also use the extra money to build other friendships with delegations/embassies.

P.S. : These first 2 tips are for R+F content, but that is just a coincidence, there will be content from vanilla and other DLCs as well.
Hello yet again, let's just start with the tip.

In Black Death you can choose Flagellants and combine it with the cheaper units policy to get infinite culture, making it a lot quicker to win the game while playing as Spain.
Building off @Kili 's post about era score...

Early in the game, choosing Monumentality is great because it's straightforward to finish districts. Plop them down as soon as you found the city, then switch to monument or granary or both, one after the other. Finish the district later, after the production in the city grows because the city has grown.

Later in the game, consider Reform the Coinage. Use a mixture of long range trade routes for great yields and short, domestic trade routes that will finish quickly. As the number of turns to the next era goes down, consider replacing a long route that finishes with a short one, so that it will finish again before the era ends.
Hello again, I'm really sorry but I kind of forgot about doing this, I'll try to make up for it soon with a speed round, I hope you understand.
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