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Ranking the highest difficulties in different Civs 3 (Vanilla, PtW, C3C+Scenario)

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by RedKi-rr, May 6, 2011.

  1. RedKi-rr

    RedKi-rr Chieftain

    Apr 15, 2010
    I consider stantard map (pangea or cont), 7 civs, levels from Emperor. Other conditions are default.
    Victory - preferably conquest.
    Obviously, Sid in C3C the hardest case.
    So, for general playing -

    1) Is Deity in PtW harder than Deity in C3C?
    If not - Is Deity in PtW harder than Demigod in C3C?

    2) Is Deity in PtW harder than Deity in Vanilla?

    3) Does accelerated production (IIRC, halves required shields) make things easier?

    4) Does tiny and small maps makes things harder (mainly beacause of corruption and no room for expand)?

    5) Is Sid level in C3C's Scenario "Rise of Rome" harder than usual Sid level for fresh map? Or knowlege of the map downs level to usual Deity in C3C?
    Playing for Rome is the most interesting for me, but it will be interesting to know the answer for other civs as well.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. AutomatedTeller

    AutomatedTeller Frequent poster

    Jan 25, 2006
    Medford, MA
    1) I think Deity in CSC is a little harder than PtW - at least, the AI bonuses are a little stronger in CSC. You can make an argument, though, the CSC is easier than PtW, as the AI simply cannot handle CSC armies, which makes for a huge advantage to the human.
    Deity in PtW is considered the same as Demigod in CSC, at least for the HOF. if that helps.

    2) Probably, but there's really little reason to play vanilla.

    3) Probably makes things harder, overall - the humans biggest advantage comes from planning, and accel production would make the AI's advantage (production) even stronger

    4) Probably, overall, a wash.

    5) No idea.
  3. del62

    del62 Chieftain

    Jun 1, 2008
    Northern England
    My experience is that with certain statergies at demigod and emporor tiny and small at demi-god and emporor it is easier, i.e. early warfare with a good aa uu, such as Gallic Sword or Mounted Warrior.

    I am not sure who this translates to highe levels than demi-god though
  4. Lord Emsworth

    Lord Emsworth Chieftain

    Sep 21, 2005
    On a shipchain
    Those are the same.

    First question, no. Second question, yes. C3C Deity should be slightly harder than C3*/PTW Deity. This is because a few things in C3/PTW Deity match C3C Demigod, while others match C3C Deity.

    C3/PTW Deity matches C3C Demigod in terms of
    - goody hut probablities (it is possible to pop settler on deity in C3/PTW)
    - corruption (IIRC)
    - scoring (although that does not make things harder)

    C3/PTW Deity matches C3C Deity in AI food and production bonus though (which is the most important thing). The AI pay 60%.

    However, there are a bunch of rule changes between C3/PTW and C3C which makes comparisons a little bit iffy. Upgrade costs are higher in C3C (3/1.5 vs 2/1) which makes things harder. Contact trading in C3/PTW comes with Writing whereas in C3C it comes with Printing Press. On high levels that makes things easier in C3C, as you should have better trading opportunities. Armies are much better in C3C, which makes things easier. Then there is the Philosophy freebie, a better working 'tech trick' at the age changes, RCP in C3/PTW and better specialists in C3C -- hmmm, depends.

    *C3 = Vanilla

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