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rapid enemy expansion


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This might have been discussed:crazyeyes

but I was wondering, what is the best strategy for dealing with the rapid enemy expansion that occurs at the higher levels...

is it best to out-grow them ?(this tactic means the first four hours of any game -the period of sucking the earth dry - is like a freakin boxing match with Ali)

or is it best to focus on military, let em build some cities then conquer one or two civs early?

sorry my rookie skills are only just evolving:love:

Well, rookie :cool: , you've just noticed one of the more challenging aspects of Civ III. The best strategy to deal with the aggressive, early-game AI expansion is to expand (if you can) just as aggresively as the AI. In other words, adopt the AI's tactics of unrelenting expansion.

Try and expand in a circular pattern around your capital. If you discover another civ early in the game (within the first 10 or so turns), have your settlers make a beeline for the territory around your opponents capital, then worry about fleshing out the remainder of the territory you intend to claim as your own.

Good Luck:goodjob:
Hey, wait a minute!! According to your profile, you've made 116 posts here. Some rookie you are!! :p

Either you're having some fun with us, or you are an inordinately slow learner :crazyeyes
I think Edmund is a recent convert to CIV3 from CIV2.
Originally posted by eyrei
I think Edmund is a recent convert to CIV3 from CIV2.

So this is Edmund's first time in the Civ III prison shower room after all, eh? Don't drop the soap kid! Especially if Troyens is behind you.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
well, acording to the patch info, the AI wont expand as drasticly any more, it apparently stops or slows down once it hits the Optimal city count. hope that slows em down somewhat, their vultures lol.
I like letting them expand, build up the territories, and then swipe in and take the cities.

When civs over expand they are usually incapable of defending their territory. If you can build some fast attack units you can probably swipe half a dozen of the recently constructed civilizations before their slow, prodding defenses get there. Then sign for peace, rinse & repeat :D
I prefer expanding to 8 or cities, then letting 4 grow while the rest continue expansion. That way I get a shot at wonders.
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