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RBtS3 - The Uncultured One

Fasnating read.

I guess you had to raze the city that built the AP in order to avoid this? You seemed to do pretty well without cultural defense, but the relations/trades were brutal. Thanks for the good story even if it was a loss*
lol wow, well that was interesting game over, and yea its not your fault TheRat. The Apostolic Palace thing is pretty weird in general.

Two of the SG's I have started have resulted in losses, this along with RBW1 - The True Isolationist. The common factor between both of them is not being able to trade at all with AI's, in that game obviously it was a variant, in this game it was the case due to horrible relations with everyone. Just goes to show how much the human relies on AI's to do well.

Nice game all, I havent played FFH mod even once, and I dont know the gameplay differences in it. Darrell, since the corporation bug has been fixed, maybe we can try the variant you were thinking of before we starting RBTS1?
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