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Recommended Civ4Col mods?


Feb 12, 2024
Hi, fellow civilizators!

I played Civ4 a little in times when it was released and found it not to my liking but I never tried Civ4Col for serious, just started it a couple of times and quit quickly.

As it seems, vanilla Civ4 Colonization concidered by community as rather lackluster game if played without mods. What mods can be recommended for a newbie?

- We the People
- Religion and Revolution
- Age of Discovery II
- maybe The Authentic Colonization

These mods seem like the most popular. Which one should a newbie choose?

Thanks in advance.
Did you play the original colonization? TAC (The Authentic Colonization) recreates that experience in Civ4Col. It's an immense improvement to the base game (which was honestly quite disappointing) and a worthy successor of the original Col! It improves balance, pacing, AI, and resources, to name a few, and at this point it is time-tested and polished. This is what I'm playing right now and probably where I'd recommend to start.

I also play WTP (We The People), which is a work of passion on a whole new level. It's a monumental overhaul with extreme changes to game systems throughout - and it can be overwhelming at times. It came out of R&R (Religion & Revolution, which is no longer gets fixes) and continues development (including balance and bugfixes and the like). If you like lots of systems and crunchy mechanics (and don't mind the in-progress experience), this is where to go. Right off the bat, you'll notice that the game is a lot more dynamic with wild animals and weather, Africa and the Pope, tons of resources and units. I haven't played in about a year, but once I finish my warm-up TAC run I'm jumping back in!

I can't say much about Age of Discovery or Dawn of a New Era (and Medieval Conquests, which is like a different genre) except that I ought to try them some time. If anyone else stumbles on this thread and knows their interesting points, I'd like to know!

Edit: I saw a good suggestion elsewhere that if you want a half-way point between TAC and WTP, you can play WTP which is R&R plus bugfixes. I might have to do that myself.
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