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Recon Terrain Specialization 1


Aug 12, 2016
Recon movement is too cheesy in its current form -- long ago I modded out the "ignore terrain cost" promo from all recon for my own games, and was content that we had an update on the way via congress. Played a "vanilla" VP game last week only to see the old recon rules still there. I gather there are others that are tired of the old recon movement rules, so to hold us over, here's the personal mod I've been using for recon promos -- I rather enjoy it, enough that I will probably stick with this if/when the new congress rules are implemented.

I outlined this idea originally in this thread. Following from that discussion, turns out it is possible to create mutually exclusive promo lines. I've created an alternative to the "Trailblazer" promo line, "Riverine", loosely splitting recon movement bonuses between rough vs. water-related terrain. Also filled-out recon's access to naval-oriented bonuses inspired by the winning/stalled congress proposal, and spread out some important abilities to different branches of the promo tree. I'll describe in more detail here later; may take me some time but the mod itself is 100% playable: it all works, bonuses & (english) text etc. are all good, EXCEPT the promo tree UI screen, I don't know how to get it to show up correctly -- but the promotion paths work for gameplay purposes.

I think like many of my mods, this is not as AI-optimal as vanilla -- I have no idea how the AI decides which promotion to choose, and these adjustments add a little nuance and context vs original -- but they're nonetheless all AI-accessible, overlap considerably in their utility, and I have yet to identify any promo combo that is particularly over- or under-powered. Given that AI doesn't use much recon anyway, and there is an existing human-performance bias for effective use of these units in VP already, I find this mod a good fit -- it does reign in VP recon's super mobility in human hands somewhat, and buffs their under-performance in water.

Even though I don't have time to do a full post w/ all details now, I think there may be some secondary value to posting immediately in that the actual winning congress proposal could be implemented as its own modmod using this as template -- it would take some time and effort but a lot less than starting from scratch. imo everything in the winning congress proposal can be achieved with existing mechanisms, as demonstrated here.

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