Release that Witch - Prince Roland's Domain

Ardan Arianis

Aug 1, 2021
This is my first attempt to modding. I've tried to recreate the main character (and his kingdom) from the chinese webnovel and manhua "Release that Witch" (RtW). My plan is to create all the kingdoms and domains from the source material, as well as races and units in order to create a full mod that retells the novel.

I used for references these three threads:
The first one was especially useful to me since I'm a complete noob at modding, so I had to learn everything from scratch.

The .zip file attached has Prince Roland's Domain as a playable new civilization, along with flag and button, as well as a leader (Fourth Prince Roland Wimbledon), a unique unit (Border Town Militia) and a unique building (the City Hall). I used the wiki for RtW for the Civilopedia entries and took the images for the buttons from the manhua itself (except for the flag, which I've created myself with the help of my gf and some images from Google).

Here are some screenshots:

Spoiler Prince Roland's Domain :
Prince Roland's Domain.JPG

Spoiler Prince Roland :
Prince Roland's Domain.JPG

Spoiler Border Town Militia :
Border Town Militia.JPG

Spoiler City Hall :
City Hall.JPG

For the Militia I used the base of a Pikeman and added the skin of a Musketman, since in the webnovel the militia was easily drilled into musketmen once the first flintlocks had been developed. For the City Hall, I used the HRE's Rathaus, but changed the abilities so that it can help city production, just like in the source material. One thing that I could not solve was a strange gleaming on the militia units, which I think comes from the original Pikeman:
Spoiler Militia Gleam :
If anyone knows how to deal with it, I'd really appreciate your help.

I tested the mod in my game and it seems to work fine, but if anybody would like to try it by themselves, I'd be extremely thankful. Any criticism or guidance is most than welcomed, given that I am really a newbie when it comes to modding.


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