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Sep 13, 2007
It would be good for folks to know what mods people are interested in.

I personally would be interested in a mod similar to how a Civ2 mod copied the game of Master of Magic. Done well, a Master of Magic mod based on Civ5 would likely see me spending many hours playing the mod.
Improved combat AI.

I've played free games that have AI that handle hex grid and one unit per tile combat better than Civ V.
More civs/leaders and corresponding art-styles. That will make the game a lot better until some of the bigger mods come out.
I'm missing a Diplomacy Mod in every Civ, starting from Civ1. Did anyone ever mod that? Is anyone planning to mod that in Civ5? Is it actually possible to mod that (is it somehow hardcoded or not)?

I really think it would add a lot of depth to the gameplay expirience :)
a new FFH. <wink,wink,nudge,nudge to Kael and company>;) I can dream :lol:
All I can think of for now is new civs (I like lots of civs), preferably with fully animated leaders. Mongolia and Spain are my two "most wanted" (and I really hope they are those two DLC civs that are coming), but there are many other good ones: Inca, Zulu, Byzantium, Carthage, Korea, Maya, Sweden, Israel...
I can think of a few things already:

- changes to how cultural borders expand. An ability to choose which tiles are claimed by the city based on culture would be nice (as opposed to it being forcibly computer-controlled). Adding an option to buy tiles further than three tiles away (up to 5 tiles, probably) from the city would also be nice (to make a "buy tiles to establish borders and stop opponents from exploring" tactic viable). I think it would not be too unbalancing if the costs were prohibitive. Additionally, an option to claim tiles only so that they can't be bought by anyone else (so, you can't work them, but you "own" them). Maybe at half price? If you wanted to work that tile later, you'd have to pay the full cost anyway - otherwise, there would be no reason not to "pre-buy" all tiles you can possibly want. Finally, there should be the diplomatic option of buying/selling/trading tiles, if that can be modded in.

- tweak city-states mechanics, perhaps? It would be nice if gaining or losing influence in a city-state increased or decreased influence in other city-states to a minor extent. It's weird that a city that wants their neighbour dead doesn't care that said neighbour has become your ally.

- in Civ 5, buildings seem to follow a strict "development tree", i.e. building A allows the creation of Building B, which is necessary for Building C and so on. This is fine, but since the city development process has much stricter requirements now, more buildings would be nice (for example, Building A allows you to build *either* B1 or B2, and B1 leads to C1 while B2 leads to C2a or C2b), depending on the techs you know.

- optional technologies. I get that Civ 5 has fewer technologies, but the complete lack of technologies that don't need to be taken (like Archery and Horseback Riding in Civ 4, which you didn't strictly *need*, but ended up taking anyway) seems off. A few side technologies that don't lead anywhere, but give you additional bonuses/units/buildings would improve the gameplay experience, I think. Especially as you can't just "fill in the gaps" by trading old technologies with your neighbours, and the choice to ignore a certain tech would have potentially bigger consequences.

These are my thoughts based on a very limited gaming experience, but I already think they would enhance the game if they could be implemented.
#1: Mod the Babylonian Civ into the game, so that we dont have to pay for it.

#2: Make a mod that makes marshes look significantly different from grassland. So many times I have made a move of a unit through what was supposed to be grassland to some safe tile, or to make an attack, only to find that the tile in between was marsh not grass, and my guy spend both his movement and is not sitting there exposed in the open. They look way too similar!
#1 An alert when a city expands its cultural borders.

#2 Total revamp of Social Policies. I'd really love to write the content for this one, too, if anyone is interested in working on it.

#3 Diplomacy - auto-renew trade agreements, for starters. Better diplomacy UI.
The return of workshops. Or even Heavy Industry on tiles, like Rise of Mankind had.
Layered maps like in Civ Test of Time

Nomadic Cities (prehistoric time period) that feed on nearby terrain and then must move to find new food. This is the first thing i'm going to try and do but it sounds hard.
Well I dream of:

- Polish Civilization (since I'm Polish ;) and it's nice to lead ones nation)
- Religion in the game (I enjoyed the religious tensions and differences)

But I will be able to have more requests once I start actually playing the game... it should unlock overnight for Europe :).
1) City-State expansion mod. City states have the potential to be the Corporations from Civ IV. Add new city-state types (Industrial, Economic, etc), and add new quests to said city-states to hopefully bring down the occurrence of "Kill this guy".

2) Random events! Give me back my randomness! Could work especially well with city-states too.

3) Historical Fiction mods! If anyone has read the "Ring of Fire"/"1632" series, I'd love to play with Mike Stearns of the USE, or Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden or Cardinal Richelieu of France. I'm sure there are other wonderful historical fictions that I haven't read that would be wonderful for mod faction ideas.
I am still playing the game, so my initial responses may already be addressed;

Attaching a "Core" to Cities that player's annex or create as puppets that will allow them to remove the penalty (eventually) for them belonging to your city.

Finlandization: A City-State that is engulfed by your cultural borders, eventually just asks to join your empire. (or you can ask them). You should also be able to do this without cultural borders touching but the cost is greater. Imagine if the cost is 1000 Gold * size of city, then every turn the cost is increased/decreased based on accrued diplomatic points, until finally the player pays the cost to establish permanent ties/acquire it. Taking cities this way should not incur a diplo penalty unless that other nation had some tie to the city.

Better AI on declaring War, when to do it, and what reasons to do it for. I attacked two city-states and suddenly the entire globe was at war with me. My Civilization was created on conquest. Even hitler got a better deal than that.

A Cassus Belli trait, where your neighbors give you less diplomatic penalty/ concern for fighting wars with other nations.

A High King trait, where your neighbors give you less diplomatic penalty/ concern for fighting wars with city-states.

Better automated worker AI

Better pathfinding (explorers/troops can have a check box to avoid trespassing)

Renaming units at all times. (firaxis needs to just fix that)

Lastly, as far as scenarios go, I've always wanted the most epic game with the most amount of technologies, so starting even earlier in neolithic hunter-gatherer times, going up to the cyborg/nano dystopian age. This includes adding new civic trees, one called "Orwellian" full of thought control/illumanati style evilness cyberpunk/1984 style.
Lastly, as far as scenarios go, I've always wanted the most epic game with the most amount of technologies, so starting even earlier in neolithic hunter-gatherer times, going up to the cyborg/nano dystopian age. This includes adding new civic trees, one called "Orwellian" full of thought control/illumanati style evilness cyberpunk/1984 style.

Get me an art team, a lot of patience for me to learn how to mod the DLL/LUA, and someone who will code a competant AI and I will build it. For serious. I've really wanted a mod like this for a game like this, but with no team it severely limits what I can do.
Espionnage of some sort, and scouting of some sort. In a game where war is so important, intelligence is capital.

International trade, based on diplomatic relations and enhanced with agreements.

A Civ II - style government system to supplement (and not replace) the current policy system. It would add a set of "policies" of which you can change but only have one active at one time, and with powerful bonuses and drawbacks.

Diplomats/spies that can buy off other units or even cities.

A more advanced diplomacy system with more cooperation and interaction options.

Edit: Kael, as the most active quasi-pro modder of these forums, which of these do you think are reasonably doable? I'd like to work on these myself, but I don't want to lose time on a fool's errand.
Diplomacy needs a real overhaul, as do the Policies.

The big one I'd like to see are national borders that go beyond our city borders. My biggest gripe with the game is that my empire isn't am empire anymore; it physically resembles a collection of small city states.
Windmills and watermills as map improvements. Rather than making them separate from other improvements, I would have them buildable only on farm tiles. The result is a farm+windmill or farm+watermill, with an extra +1 food (to represent milling of grains, which was the primary purpose in earlier eras). Modern windmills would give +1 production and be buildable on coastal tiles too.
1. Better graphics for rivers, marshes etc (which i expect will come out with the blue)

2. Bring back religions. Im sorry, that was such a great aspect of the game. Especially in the mods where religions were either founded by random event or great prophet (as oppose to techs).

3. Espionage..but on a smaller scale. Civ 4 had WAY too much espionage.

4. Random events

5. Pollution..but on a smaller scale than civ 4.

6. Corporations.

Basically bring the best of civ 4 into Civ 5
Just a few units:

1. Fill out the recon unit class - currently scouts are the only unit in this class and they're an ancient unit that doesn't upgrade. Maybe Scout > Explorer > Ranger > Commando/Humvee.

2. Replace the GDR with several more realistic near future/sci-fi units. Maybe an Osprey type gunship or a Reaper UAV type drone.

3. ICBMs - Bring 'em back.

4. A few other units from past civ games like the Marine, (which could get a combat bonus when attacking from the sea) the Grenadier and the Machine Gun.

5. Another modern infantry like a Spec Ops unit.

5. An Apache Longbow re-skin for the helicopter gunship.
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