Rise of Mankind glitches/exploits build 1096


Nov 8, 2015
1. One city challenge means conquered cities are always razed yet I cannot build settlers. I want a conquer game without building any settlers. Also AI can build settlers when I can't on one city challenge, which is stupid. Replace the "one city challenge" box with two option boxes "AI can´t build settlers" and "can't conquer cities"
2. In custom game, Planet generator 0.68 spread tiles of different climates too widely and randomly. There are single rain forest tiles in tundra and single snow in grassland in tropics etc. Minimap looks messy with all colors mixed all over the map. There is no mass of forests, climate or geological sense. In vanilla Civ IV the hot-temperate-cold system is working
3. In Fractured world 100 mts map generator pangea is mixed with sea percentage and causes land mass scattered in islands evenly acsross the map based on the 40 % sea mass setting. Consequently I can´t play pangea with climates at all. There is no map for it in Rise of Mandkind 1096. I would not like to play vanilla because of the mod´s added content.
4. In Planet generator 0.68 choosing the terrain "standard" instead of "Smartmap" varieties, all the forests disappear from the map.
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Moderator Action: Moved to C&C General for now. I'm not sure if all this is germane to ROM or not, but you should find some assistance here. Cheers - lymond
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