Rod02-Caesar's Confusion

That works fine, IF it is a native unit. If it is a captured one and you have no native ones left, you get a (0). Nothing to click on. I raced around all the towns, but failed to spot it and it is not out in the open. I was not willing to try it real slow.
sorry. Didn't realize the difference.
Yeah, captured artillery can be hard to find. It's best to not fortify them.
sorry. Didn't realize the difference.

Nothing to be sorry about, good to see you BTW.

I like to leave bombardment units in an empty town, so they are easy to spot or parked by the cap. I tend to not use the capitol as it tends to mean dragging them all over the place.

I prefer to leave them near places that I have had action.
Hey TheOverseer714 are you working on this one? Do you care if I do another 5 turns, if not? It is just you and me right now. I would just like to expose some more of the map. We will need get boats out to find any islands.

I think you can finish the Civ2 In Civ3 game in one sitting. Just get over to the last land mass and whack them.
I'm almost done there, but not ready for Rod02 yet, so go ahead, do 5 more.
1405AD (1):
Start SciMeth at 40% in 4 turns.

Add 4 to Alexandria and mine 3 plains to get ships faster.
Thebes irrigate a grass and mine two hills to reduce builds of boats.

Been irrigating wheat, where it was mined.

25th kills musket in Konya.
22nd kills pike and razes Konya.
16th kills Carthage LB.

10th kills Ottoman LB.
24th kills pike and Enkidu and razes Umma.
5/5 cav kills Carthage LB near old Umma site.

15th kills musket in Alesia
20th kills Celt LB near there.
19th kills musket
12th kills musket and LB and razed Alesia for over 300 gold.

26th kills 2 spears and razed Medina and GOODBYE ARABIA.

I use about 200 gold per for 3 frigate rushes. Need to find the rest of the world and maybe even sink some of those 1hp Droms.

1410AD (2):
4th kills Byz pike/settler.
23rd kills pike in Smyma and razes.

Finally find a Carthage town. It is just past Pasagrade.
22nd kills musket in Oea.
11th kills pike and razes.

18th kills musket in Gergovia
5/5 cav kills knight near Jerusalem.

1415AD (3):
23rd kills pike in Adrianople.
24th kills two Num and razes Hippo.

16th kills musket and pike in Hadrumetum and razes.
22nd kills musket and pike and razes Cadiz.

25th kills Ottoman LB.
18th kills pike and musket in Gergovia and razed for 399 gold.

29th rips 3 muskets in Camulodunum and razed it for 433 gold, was the capitol.

1420AD (4):
Drop research to 20%
26th kills 3 in Lagash and razes it.

3 armies kill 4 units in Augustodurum and raze it for 500 gold.

26th kills Ottoman MDI
11th kills Ottoman LB
10th kills Num in Nora

23rd kills 2 in Adrianople and razes it.
28th kills musket, pike and LB to raze Ankara.

1425AD (5):
I leave research at 20% as it will finish Industry in 6 and the ToE is in 7. Nothing to be gained by researching faster as we cannot get 2 techs in 7 turns. Maybe you could shift things and get two in 8 and slow the ToE.

I have just been moving workers to a close tile to do whatever, no plan now as all the important tiles are improved. I have some 4 man crews to either water or chop trees. I some times use any size crew to do a task, just so it is done. IOW I may use a 6 man crew to irrigate, rather than look far and wide for a 4 man crew.

I never connected the 4 towns starting with Boston by rail to the empire. I was unwilling to risk a unit showing up and running the rails. This is probably safe now as I have not seen anyone get close for some time. OTOH no need to connect them right now either.

I have left 2 knight armies out in the south to act as scouts. I was worried about landings, but everyone is so smashed down that it is unlikely now.

5/5 kills a sneaky LB near the wailing wall.

4th kills Byz LB
15th kills pike in Nicaea.

24th kills 3 Num in Leptis Magna and razed it.
27th kills pike and razes Heraclea.

22nd kills Ottoman MDI
16th kills Ottoman LB
25th kills pike, musket and pike to raze Leptis Minor.

28th kills Carthage LB.
10th kill Num and razed Nora.

21st kill knight in Nicaea.
27th kills 3 in Theveste and razed it.

28th kills 3 in Tyre and razed.
25th kills musket in Rusicade.

5/5 cav kills Ottoman LB near wailing wall.

12th kills 2 and razed Nicaea.
16th kill 2 and razes Citra

5/5 kills Byz knight and makes a leader.

We have 2 empty armies in Rome. I was holding them for any 3 man invasion armies. Not sure if any will be need as I find only 1 tiny island and I am not sure it is occupied.

Sumeria 1
Celts 1
Persia 1

Carthage 3
Byz 3
Ottoman 3

I can see about 8 of the 12 towns. Need to go around to check on growth and add some specialist. Will make them scientist.

I spend 600 to rush 3 frigates from the farthest west coastal towns. Top and Bottom so they can speed up the search for any islands. Rush market in Istanbul.

Must be a decent island some places as I do not see any Spices.

Visit towns and flip more specialist and now Industrialization in 3. Not sure how it drops to less than 4.

Rush a few settlers. I will close the gap to the towns in the SE.

2 frigates pop out and sink a Drom and a Celt Galley.
22nd kills two spears and razes Rusicade.

11th kills a wandering Celt musket.
10th kills 2 and razes Lsin GOODBYE SUMERIA.

cav kills Carthage LB near Istanbul and goes elite.
5/5 legion kills Byz knight by Cumae 2.

20th kills 2 pikes in Constantinople.
4th kills spear.
15th kills 2 spears there.

21st kills last spear. I hold city as it has the Lighthouse and that will help find land.
23rd kills 2 spears and razes Caearea.
23rd kills a knight.

5/5 cav kills Ottoman LB at the wall.
26th kills and razes Varna.

16th kills last spear and GOODBYE BYZ. No more Drom concerns.

Next player may want to put all or most of the workers to bed. I finished rails to the far SE. Only Istanbul and Constantinople are not on rails to the empire.

23rd kills Num in Sabratha.
26th kills one and razed it.

24th kills 4 Num in Carthage.
27th kills LB and razed it.

25th kills musket in Utica
11th kills 2 muskets in Burdigala and razed it.
GOODBYE to the strong Celts for nearly 900 gold.

28th kills spear in Sardia.

Ottoman we are at the door of the last known town.
Persia the same.
Carthage I see the borders on an island of the last known town.

Stopped boat building, except one that is finishing. Looks like 2 will be plenty. I sent the one itsr way empty. They can be boarded or even upgraded at the last town.

F3 crashed as I looking for boats.

I see I never did rail Pasargade, but some workers are there and more are coming in.

It will take about 8 turns to get to the last town with a harbor. You may want to take Refine and Corp with ToE and race for transports to speed the movement and hold full armies.

It will be a pain to park workers, but then just moving boats.

Not sure if you want to finish this or leave it for CBOB, you call. It won't take long.

Pasargade had 7 ivory tiles.

I can see all the continent and no spice. That island border looks small and CAII reports only 1 town, so it must be larger that it looks and have the Spice. If not then an decent island must be hidden some place.

You could rush a couple of boats to send out in the East to scout. We have almost 11 grand and make nearly 900gpt.

If you want to try to knock out another tech prior to the ToE you will have to slow it down right away.
I forgot to mention that I did not stop all the cav builds, but you could. Several are in those towns now. We have no support issues, so I did not bother, but not much need for them either. That also means no need to build any factories.
I've downloaded the save, but haven't done much else. Might get a chance to play some tonight (after NCIS).
You may as well finish it. Just stop all the workers and it will just need to get the boats on station.
80% Tax
20% Science
00% Luxury
10780 gold, +874 gpt

Industrialization in 1 turn.

  • 000 Settlers
  • 011 Workers
  • 637 Slaves
  • 001 Warriors
  • 002 Archer
  • 002 Spear
  • 008 Pike
  • 002 Longbow
  • 005 Muskets
  • 050 Knights
  • 114 Cavalry
  • 027 Infantry
  • 000 Catapults
  • 000 Cannon
  • 021 Artillery
  • 008 Frigates
  • 001 Galleon
  • 031 Army
  • 036 Legionary
  • 016 Mace
  • 004 Guerilla
    • Current Units: 341
    • Allowed Units: 600
    • Support Costs: 000 gpt

02 Saltpeter
07 Iron
09 Horse

03 Wines
01 Furs
11 Dyes
05 Incense
02 Ivory
03 Gems

Pre flight stuff:

AI City Count
  1. 224: Rome
  2. 01: Carthage
  3. 01: Ottomans
  4. 01: Persia
  5. 00: America
  6. 00: Arabia
  7. 00: Aztecs
  8. 00: Byzantines
  9. 00: Celts
  10. 00: China
  11. 00: England
  12. 00: France
  13. 00: Greece
  14. 00: Hittites
  15. 00: Inca
  16. 00: India
  17. 00: Japan
  18. 00: Korea
  19. 00: Maya
  20. 00: Netherlands
  21. 00: Portugal
  22. 00: Russia
  23. 00: Spain
  24. 00: Sumeria
  25. 00: Zululand

We have yet to meet:

One civ left to find and to kill. Three one city civs remain, but not for long.

Persia wants to beg for mercy. We have none.

We learn Industrialization and start on The Corporation, 4 turns at 20%.

Trondheim rGalleon -> rGalleon in 3.

1 1445 AD

Around the Empire (NW clockwise to SW)
No immediate threats.

Workers/slaves do busy work in the tile they are in; if no busy work to do they are fortified in place.

Oops, some workers and a boat on automove!

Cavalry-25th tramples a Pike and Spear in Utica and razes the city (2 of 2).
The Fragile Ottomans are destroyed.

Knight-10th spooks the last Spear in Sardis (3 of 3).
The Solid Persians are gone.

We do not find Babylon.

We need boats to finish off Carthage.
Change some west coast cities from wealth to boats.
Rome vCav -> vCav.
Byzantium vCav -> vCav.

2 1450 AD

Rush rGalleon in Nara for 196 of 12586 gold.
Rush vFrigate in Edo for 236 of 12390 gold.
Rush rFrigate in Kagoshimea for 236 of 12154 gold.
Edo vFrigate -> vFrigate.
Kagoshima rFrigate -> rFrigate.
Nara rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Hispalis vCav -> vCav.
Brundisium vCav -> vCav.

3 1455 AD

Still no sign of Babylon.
Load 4 vCavs into Galleon in Nara.
Trondheim rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Veii vCav -> vCav.

Theory of Evolution is built in Antium.
Somehow we learn Nationalism. Did I not change the tech choice earlier?
We learn The Corpoation.
We begin to learn Refining.

Antium ToE -> vCav.
Viroconium vCav -> vCav.
Lutetia vCav -> vCav.

4 1460 AD

start an rFrigate in Constantinople.
Kick science up to 50%. Refining in 4, +498 gpt.
Rome vCav -> vCav.

5 1465 AD

Rush rFrigate in Constantinople for 236 of 14195 gold.
Constantinople rFrigate -> rFrigate.
Byzantium vCav -> vCav.

6 1470 AD

We find the borders of Babylon, east of the mainland.
Trondheim rGalleon -> vCav.
Antium vCav -> vCav.
Hispalis vCav -> vCav.
Brundisim vCav -> vCav.

7 1475 AD

We meet Babylon.
They know Republic.
We know Polytheism and Currency.

I don't think they will make it into the Middle Ages. :D

We declare war on Babylon.

New Cavalry are being kept outside Rome.

Lugdunum 2 starts rGalleon.
Texcoco starts rGalleon.
New Corfinium starts rGalleon.
Londinium starts rGalleon.
Arretim 2 starts rGalleon.
We lose some fortified slaves to Carthage.

Carthage Longbow suicides on a Legionary (4 of 4).

Refining -> Steel in 4.

Rome vCav -> vCav.
Veii vCav -> vCav.
Viroconium vCav -> vCav.
Lutetia vCav -> vCav.

8 1480 AD

We kill the slave snatcher (5 of 5).

We map out parts of Babylon.

Rush several galleons; we drop from 5481 gold to 14505.
New Corfinium rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Texcoco rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Londinium 2 rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Lugdunum 2 rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Arretium 2 rGalleon -> rGalleon.
Byzantine vCav -> vCav.

9 1485 AD

Load up the five Galleons with mostly vCavs, but add some vInfantry to be safe. All five sail towards Babylon.
Antium vCav -> vCav.

10 1490 AD

Rush a settler in Constantinople.
Rome vCav -> vCav.
Trondheim vCav -> vCav.
Constantinople settler -> settler.
Hispalis vCav -> vCav.
Brundisium vCav -> vCav.

11 1495 AD

Carthage Crusher is built just SE of the Last Isle of Carthage. Starts an rGalleon.
Carthage Crusher is connected by rails.

Drop science to 0%, Steel in 1, +1089 gpt.

Rush rGalleon in Carthage Crusher for 400 gold.
We learn Steel and begin Combustion, 6 turns at 0% science.

Veii vCav -> vCav.
Viroconium vCav -> vCav.
Lutetia vCav -> vCav.
Byzantium vCav -> vCav.
Carthage Crusher rGalleon -> rGalleon.

12 1500 AD

We unload 4 vCav in Babylon on a mountain.
Load 4 vCav into the Galleon in Carthage Crusher, move to the Last Isle of Carthage and unload all four onto a mountain overlooking Russadir.
Spoiler :

This is what is left, except for the last city of Carthage. Nine visible cities and at least one in the fog.

I played 12 turns to get us to 1500 AD. I considered playing more, but it will take several turns to conquer Babylon.

Overseer, there are four vCavs in Babylon. The NW Galleons have 8 more vCavs, the two to the SW have 3 vCavs and 5 vInf. We have a Frigate/Galleon convoy heading towards Carthage with 4 vCavs aboard. However, since we have troops (4 vCavs) outside the last capital of Carthage, that convoy could head straight to Babylon. Carthage should be gone next turn and even if it isn't, we can shuttle more troops across very easily.

We just started to learn Combustion, six turns at 0%, but we could learn it in four with no problem. With that tech we can build Transports (and move Armies into the Babylonian fray). In six turns most of Babylon will be ours and reinforcements will already be on their way for the final ambush, so I am not sure how fast we need to learn it.
I was just sending slaves captured to the nearest town and not caring if they made it or not. They nearly all make as not much around to stop them. Mostly they woul dnot be killed as they likely were of the same nation. Anyway we had no real use for them.

As I said in the log those boats were on their way to the port that was on the farthest point of the NW. They could be loaded or held for upgrades at that time.
BTW I had left 2 empty armies in Rome for the purpose of making 3 unit one to ship to the final push. Some how no one noticed that the mountain in Rome has no road or rails. It is also starving, may as well use a few slaves to fix that.
BTW I had left 2 empty armies in Rome for the purpose of making 3 unit one to ship to the final push. Some how no one noticed that the mountain in Rome has no road or rails. It is also starving, may as well use a few slaves to fix that.
I should have reread your turn log before I played. I was in too big a hurry to play. :sad:

I park units outside the capital so that I can see them. I just can't seem to remember the city name when I put 'special' units into a city and fortify them. :crazyeye:
In SG's I put units in or near capitol, in solo games I put there where they may be needed next. IOW I do not want to drag them all over the map, so that is usually close to the front.

I don't worry about where I put armies as I will also locate all the armies from F3. Anyway this game was at a point where what anyone did no longer made a huge difference. We just had to find the missing island(s). Looks like that was done, so it will soon be lights out.
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