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I'll get started on this probably on the weekend, as I'm up in Rat35 right now. Looks like this is in mop-up mode, now all we need is a rail net to get to the enemy faster.
I will unavailable from May 5 to May 11. Skip me if you need to.

We still have not met Babylon and Carthage.
Almost done, things are getting near the tipping point where we can take this home. Steam is almost researched, and from there it won't take long.
Finished this turn-set, I keep remembering why I prefer standard sized worlds... All is well, we are close to Steam Power, which should be the final piece of the puzzle. Most of our slaves are doing make-work until they can build rails, I've tried to keep them somewhat close together but you may want to get them even closer together. I have started keeping cities that are from near-extinct tribes, but I recommend burning Ottoman and Celt cities(except Istanbul and Entremont). Anyway, here is my turn-log:
Spoiler :

Pre-Flight: CivAssist 2, Word running. Open the save, look things over.
Where to begin? Plant some cities. Names…Drinks in the South/Southeast, Cars in the Southwest, Science terms in the East, and places in Italy in the Northwest.

Civilian units:
Settlers 10
Workers 11
Slaves 453

Military units:
Warriors 1
Archers 2
Spearmen 2
Pikemen 17
Muskets 15
Longbows 2
Catapults 36, 14 captured
Trebuchets 4, 3 captured
Cannons 14
Knights 53
Cavalry 74
Armies 28, 7 Legionaries, 2 MDI, 5 Knight, 15 Cavalry
Legionaries 38
MDI 22
Ancient Cavalry 5
Crusaders 7

Unit Support:
Total Units: 324
Allowed Units: 354
Support Cost: 0 gpt

Press enter=>

IBT: Lose 3 exposed slaves to a Purple Spear.
Dromons bombard in 2 widely different areas. Otherwise, scattered enemy units enter our view. 2 Celtic Knights are the largest “threat”.
Anjar Settler=>Settler.
Seleucia Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Eburacum Settler=>Settler.
Augustodurum Settlers Marketplace=>Library.
Antium KT gives us a Crusader.

Turn 1, 1300 AD: Destroy Sapporro. Settle Vatican Square.
Killing just 2 Celt Knights very costly, army loses 8 hp, Cavalry dies, and another army loses 4 hp. Capture Canterbury, settle Event Horizon.
Capture Vilcabamba and Tiawanuku, Inca are eliminated.

IBT: Sudden influx of mounted units, Ansar kills a Cavalry, Longbow and Knight kills another. I may do a deep scouting-pillaging expedition to fix that.
Salamanca Settler=>Settler.
New Tarentum Walls=>Wealth.
Byzantium Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Cyrene Aqueduct=>Courthouse.
New Nicomedia Walls=>Settler.
New Veii Settler=>Settler.

Turn 2, 1305 AD: Capture Nanking, 2 slaves taken. Lose a cavalry to a Spear at Shanghai. Take Rouen. Raze Seville for 5 slaves. Raze Satsuma for 2 slaves.Capture York, no more England. Raze newly-built Coimbra.

IBT: Lose 4 more slaves to that same Purple Spear..dammit!
Lots of Celtic Knights moving around, I need to eliminate the resources for them.
Otherwise, plenty of minor enemy movement.
We get Magnetism, next is Steam Power in 6 turns.
Rome Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Berlin Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Ta-Tu Settler=>Settler.
Red Bull Settler=>Settler.
Pi-Ramessese Settler=>Settler.
Treveri Musket=>Musket.

Turn 3, 1310 AD: Take Shanghai and Tsingtao, China is gone.
Take Paris with the Pyramids, Rouen, France has Besancon left.
Destroy Emerita and Urfa. Settle Big-K, Piazza di Spagna and Tuscan Sun.

IBT: Lose an exposed Cavalry to a Spanish Knight. See first Conquistador, I think we’ll need to fix Spain next. Lots of movement, no threats.
Thebes Library=>University.
Tonawanda Settler=>Settler.
Kazan Settler=>Settler.
Trapezus Settler=>Settler.
Neapolis Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Bagacum Settler=>Settler.
Bonampak Settler=>Settler.
Disease hits New Cumae.
New Eburacum Walls=>Wealth.
Asyut Settler=>Settler.
New Londinium Walls=>Wealth.
Nicomedia Library=>University.
Hispalis Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Viroconium Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Byzantium Library=>University.
Tyrus Settler=>Settler.

Turn 4, 1315AD: Capture Besancon, France not eliminated.
Capture Nagoya and Kagoshima, and Basra. Otherwise, pest control.

IBT: Ansar attacks army that was in good shape, maybe their last act of defiance.
Koreans want to talk. Random attacks. France may be the legendary settler on a gallery.
Veii Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Hippo Regius Aqueduct=>Courthouse.
Akwesasne Settler=>Settler.
Avaris Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Tarentum Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Londinium Aqueduct=>Library.
Teurnia Cannon=>Courthouse.

Turn 5, 1320 AD: Attack and capture Edo, Kyoto, Philadelphia, Boston, and Persepolis. Note that I am keeping most cities now, I figure if we don’t keep irreplaceable units in them, flipping should be mostly an annoyance.

IBT: Annoyances all over, Ansar recaptures, a Horse grabs unguarded workers, and a Knight kills an exposed Cavalry.
Karakorum Library=>Courthouse.
Trondheim Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Tiwanaku Settler=>Settler.
Shanghai Settler=>Settler.
Tsingtao Settler=>Settler.
Antium Newtons University=>University.
Nanking Settler=>Settler.
Kagoshima Worker=>Worker.
Pisae Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Nagoya Worker=>Worker.
Brundisium Cavalry=>Cavalry.
Palmyra Cavalry=>Cavalry.

Turn 6, 1325 AD: Recapture Basra, take Pasargadae, Osaka, burn Verulamium. Found Coke Zero, Subduction Zone and Piazza Venezia.
I find the last Zulu town. Next turn-set, they can be eliminated, in fact this may be damn near the last rush to win.

Civilian units:
Settlers 13
Workers 11
Slaves 478

Military units:
Warriors 1
Archers 2
Spearmen 2
Pikemen 17
Muskets 16
Longbows 2
Catapults 36 (14 captured)
Trebuchets 8 (7 captured)
Cannons 15
Knights 53
Cavalry 79
Armies 28, 7 Legionaries, 2 MDI, 4 Knight, 15 Cavalry
Legionaries 38
MDI 22
Ancient Cavalry 5
Crusaders 9

Unit Support:
Total Units: 336
Allowed Units: 436
Support Cost: 0 gpt

Steam Power, 2 turns, +70gpt, 2295 in the bank.

Research 80%, Luxuries 00%, Taxes 20%.

The save:
I will start on it tomorrow. Yeah 31 nations and large map is a bit of work. Try 362x362 and move it up to emperor or DG. Now those are busy games. Looks like it is just you and me for awhile. How are you with getting this back right away. Would you rather I put in an extra 5 turns, if I am up to it?
Do 10 if you have time, if only 5, no problem. I will work on Elear 01 next, but I'll have the weekend free for this too, if it comes up.
I'm actually now moved and close to being semi-settled back into a routine. Will try to do some reading and catch-up. Probably about a week from being fully back in the swing of things though.
Here is an update of the first 5 turns.

Yeah I did no PRE. Well another example of why I do not like to use solo units to attack on foreign soil. A LB comes out and the army ZoC hits it, but it still kills a cav. I am concern about the settler combos we have out.

One is only covered by a pike and a Celt knight attacked the other that was covered by a musket.

I do not really see any need for more towns to keep track of at this point. If we do want more fill in the spaces at our edges that are safe, rather than next to nations with knights. I will be sending settlers out, but only right next to an existing town.

We have so much land to work now and room for another 100 units for free support.

1330AD (1):
Anjar finishes settler and I put it to bed. Sell its hand made granary and put two of the three pop as scientist. Do about the same in all towns that finished a settler.

Steam did not drop to 1 turn. I look and see we need 17 more beakers, so I go to work and find them.

Found some towns.

Stop builds like courthouse that will never finish and won't matter anyway.
5/5 cav kills Celt knight. Cav kills pike in Mansura and goes elite. Autorazed for 2 gold.

Note I am not going to keep any cities, excpet maybe the Sun Tzu city. Why bother with places so far away at the 11th hour?
Cav kills horse.
21st kills spear and razed Tokyo, then kill a spear. 3 slaves.

20th kills Celt lb.
28th kills 3 units and razes Zabalam.
11th struggles killing knight.

22nd kills 2 pikes in Salonika
16th kills lb and razed it. Not noting slaves and gold. It is just mop up. I send workers home, if they make it fine, if not that is fine as well. Only sending armies out to hunt.
26th kill spear and razes Madrid. Kills spear and captures settler. Kills the LB.

17th kills 2 spear in Woson and razed it.
27th kills impi and razed the place and GOODBYE ZULU.

I sell off a lot of structures. Wall, yeah they cost no support, but no attacks either. Harbors and barracks not needed. Stop a lot of worker and settler builds. Just let the ones go that are close to being done. This is mostly just to reduce the work for the turn player.

Fewer units to manage and fewer towns pop up with a completed job. We do not have much left, so making it easier on me.

I stop some walls and do not start any new ones. If it takes 10 turns, we either will have moved past that area or have to rush it.

Neapolis switch cav to lib and sell barracks. I doubt we will need more than 4 or 5 places making units. Probably not even that once rails are in most places.

Now we have Steam next turn with an over run of more than 100 beakers.

knight attacks pike covering settler, but no harm. It retreats.

1335AD (2):
Get msg about Iron Works, so we must have coal. Note I do not build it, unless it is a core city. This is in old Viking land.
Research Electricity at 100%.

Found several towns

I did not count the coal tiles, but it at least 6.
11th kills knight and pike.
28th kills pike and autorazed Sardica. Note it only has 3 units.

26th kills Spanish spear/settler.
23rd kills pike in Antioch.
5/5 MDI kills LB
3/3 cav (?) kills knight and is a vet now.

Cav2 kills one.

1340AD (3):
cav retreat from spear.
18th kills 2 spears in Nara
19th kills lb and JAPAN is GONE.

28th kills 2 knights
23rd kills spear and razes Antioch
9th kills 3 Conq

26th kills Musket and 2 spears in Murcia and razed it.
it kills a spear.

16th kills musket and pike to raze lzmit.
I abandon Basra to free the army to go for Baghdad.

27th kills 2 wandering spears.
17th kills settler combo and one more spear.
24th kills MDI.
6/6 AC kills knight.

AC kills attack LB.
Beascon deposes us. Why do we have it in the first place. It is so far away and is a city.

1345AD (4):
Cav kills spear in Beascon and I raze the sucker.
The reason I ask why we have it, is that it is on the edge of the coast. It is very far form the borders. We do not need more towns and it has Dromons near by. So it can be bombarded or get landings.

17th and 24th kill 3 units and raze Pusan
13th kills pike and autorazes Hyangsan
15th kills 2 in Baghdad.

Army kills knight, forgot which one.
22nd kills 2 spears and razed last MAYAN town and they are GONE.
22nd kills a Fr horse.

11th kills knight and pike.

cav kills lb and goes elite.
6th kill one.
23rd kills pike in Bactra.

MDI dies attacking 8th.

1350AD (5):
start more libs as some places are making up 16 beakers.
10th kills archer
2 cavs in NY kill units, one goes elite.

25th kills musket and pike in Endirine
28th kills musket and pike in Sinop

Found a bunch more towns.

Note I have been disbanning captured cats, too far to send them and I would rather they not capture them back. As I get rails in place I am disbanding some in the home land to speed libs.

22nd kills 2 spears and razes last French town GOODBYE.

20th kills LB
23rd kills spear in Bactra and razed it. Kills 2 other units.
11th unit in Endirine and razed it

5/5 cav kill LB next to Piazza and makes a leader. Form and fill 29th.
29th gets a LB heading to Piazza.

5/5 knight kill MDI
8th kills one.

4 nations gone so far.
Overseer I was as clear as mud I see. What I was trying to find out is do you care if I do 15 turns? Anyway I have stopped at 10 for now. I will post the save and the log.

IF you see no problem I will do 5 more tomorrow and post a final save/log. If not then I won't.

I have railed many towns, we can reach pretty much any place needed, but no one is coming any longer. RP will be done in 2 turns. I killed off 8 or so nations, lost track.

We met Carthage and are down to 8 know left. The save at this point.
1355AD (6):
cav kills spear and razes town. HENRY is gone, that is 5 down.
21st kills lb
18th kills musket in Lugdunum
20th kills 2 musket in Lugdunum and razes for 209 gold.

29th drps a lb.
24th kills 2 pikes in Nam'po and razed it.

23rd and 28th kill units

Railed to Far_NE, the farthest old Chinese town. That town is railed to Most_SE.
Those are in turn railed to Far_NW_A. That is at the top of the old Viking land next to the tundra there.

ST Peter is railed to all of this.
Railed all that to the old mountain ridge on the Western area of our land. Not the farthest point, but close.

Some workers are now putting rails up in Antium to speed the ToE pre. I have not started one as I am finishing a uni there now.

16th kills musket and pike in Kafa.
2 cavs kill LB at Persepolis.
15th kills 2 spears in Baghdad and razes it.

Looks like we have met all nations and now there are 10 left.

1360AD (7):
28th kills musket in Istanbul
11th kills lb and knight

25th kills musket in Bura
16th kill unit and razes town
22nd kills Byz settler combo

26th kills 3 spears in Delhi
9th kills 2 spears in Toledo and razed it.
27th kills spear in Pyongyang and razed it.

6th kill LB and I know I have forgotten to mention this armies last battle.
cav kills wandering Ottoman lb.
cav kills a Celt lb landed by Brundisium

2 cavs kill India units next to Shasta.

1365AD (8):
Founding towns still every turn 4 or 5 this one too.
26th kills 2 spears and razes Delhi
17th kills 3 units

24th kills one and razes Korean town.
27th kills Indian horse
9th kills spear in Zaragoza

22nd kills musket and pike and razes Mugla
29th and 21st kill muskets in Entremont.
21st kills 3 more muskets
29th kill musket an LB and I go ahead and raze it

11th kill pike in Bursa

1370AD (9):
Looks like I mis-click at lest one worker. It went on auto and ran all over the place. I lost it finally. I really wish you could remove buttons, selectively. I would disable auto and barricade. I seem to hit them the most.

Will try to catch the worker as it could do anything ugly.

22nd bumps into Hannibal and whacks a settler/Num. We have 11 friends now.
11th kills pike and razes Bursa
12th kills pike and spear in DC

27th kills spear in ATL.
26th kill spear and razes Bombay.
24th kills 3 pikes in Cheju and GOODBYE KOREA, down to 10 again. I don't understand why "E" did no show unmet nation, before?
cav kills Indian horse.
9th kills spear and razes Zaragoza

5/5 cav kills lb at Persepolis
28th brely kills 2 knight in the open. So I send a cav to fill it.

Strange sight, many cats and trebs go rolling past me? Maybe they were capture from someone?

1375AD (10):
13th kills spear and DC is razed.
27th kills pike and spear and AMERICA is GONE. Down to 9 known, maybe 1 missing?

26th kills 2 spears and INDIA is GONE. Down to 8 know.
23rd kills 2 and razes Gordium, then kills a knight.
4th kills Endiku in Sumer

18th stinks it up and barely kills musket.

Whoops move a rail crew onto a tile with no road. It looks like it had one.
I dropped a road crew on that tile, so you can road and then rail.

Capture all cat/trebs and disband them, save 1.
22nd kills knight

Dang I forgot to do a run around the towns. Oh, could not bring up enough beakers to cut a turn off anyway.
If you want to do 5 more, go for it. I might do a set before CBob gets back, if not, he can do a set. As t the work involved in a game like this, if I ever do a crowded world again, I'd probably do 18 on a standard world.
Cool, I did two more and will post tomorrow the full 5. Mostly now a lot of workers movement. All towns are railed now. So we can look to up the specialist farms a bit now.

I already railed all tiles in Antium and Rome.
We will need to make a few boats some place and get them moving around. There must be at least one island. Probably one decent size and 1 or 2 tiny ones.

Byz and Spain seem to have a town not on the land. Carthage we have not seen any towns and CBOB says we have one more unmet civ.
Done the whole 15 turns, it is getting quite easy, but does take time to scan all the towns. The save:
1380AD (11):
9th kills 3 and razes Santiago.
14th kills lb.

I see one town on the South end.

2nd kills Byz spear wander near us.
12th kills musket in Richborough
20th kills 2 muskets and razes Richborough for 286 gold.

5th kills Celt lb
19th kills Celt lb
29th kills musket in Agedinvum

15th kills Celt lb
23rd kills Endiku in some city.
4th kills Sumerian LB.

15th kills musket in Gergovia
21st kills musket in Agedinvum

cav kills Byz spear that had made it to Cumae 2. I waited for him to get on flat ground.

1385AD (12):
Medicine in 4 at 60%.
29th kills musket and a super pike nearly killed him. Razed Agedinvum for over 300 gold.

13th and 27th kill Spanish LB
19th kills Celt LB
23rd kills Endi and razes Agade

23rd kills Sumer LB
28th kills Ottoman knight. It has 4 units now.
22nd kills musket in Istanbul

All but the few towns far away have rails to them now. One town in jungle as well.
Army build is in 9, not sure how long SciMeth will take, if 5 we are good.
Did not tweak towns as we are doing 4 turns anyway. Will need it for Sci Meth.

Doing a few cannon upgrades to hit Droms. Not bothered with any infantry as no attacks.

Wow a knight came and killed an elite cav taking no damaged. It was fortified? Maybe I will toss up a couple of infantry.

1390AD (13):
16th kills 2 pikes in Istanbul
22nd kills 2 and I go ahead and capture. Probably a mistake.

13th kills musket and spear in Valencua
27th kills lb and GOODBYE SPAIN.

I do not sell any barracks in places making units as we may have a flip.

cav kills the knight and I put infantry in Persepolis and goes elite

Upgrade units in a bunch of border towns as Ottoman have some units heading that way. We have lots of cash, so no need to take a chance.

1395AD (14):
Start a galleon, build up that town some.
Looks like we will be able to do Sci Meth in 4 no problem.

20th kills Celt LB.
21st kills 2 muskets in Eboracum
19th kills musket and razes Eboracum for 331.

12th kills knight.
14th kills Celt pike
4th kills 2 in Sumer

23rd kills one in Sumer
28th kills Ottoman knight, pike and 2 LB
11th kills a knight.

Run around the towns and rush a few structures and upgrade some units. Disband a lot of cat/trebs to speed builds.

Making 1336bpt so Sci Meth will be a 4 turner.

Byz land a unit near Anjar

1400AD (15):
Research to zero.

Note you may want to change the ship builds. Maybe go with all frigates for now, due to the Droms. It may be better to send out 3 or more frigates in a group and then may galleons.

We also have the issue of 4 man armies. We can get at least 1 army by the time we want to invade. You could also go with no armies or wait for transports. Depends on what the land is like. It could be just a small island.

Once Industry is in, rush a factory and a coal plant in Antium and you can get armies out in a decent rate, if needed.

23rd kills 2 and razes Sumer
Found 2 towns, not sure if any settler builds are going now. We don't really need them anyway.

20th kills Celt LB

5/5 cav kills Celt LB
5/5 legion kills Byz LB and makes a leader. Form army and left in Rome. There we now have a 3 man army of what ever you want. Could be infantry, if decent size island.

25th kills musket in Uskudar and also grab 2 slaves.
22nd kills pike and razed the place.
5/5 cav kills Carthage LB.
Arabia down to 1 town.
Persia has two.
Sumeria has 3.
Byz 6.
Celts 5.
Ottoman 13 and we do not know how many Carthage owns.

I have been hitting the Droms to keep them red and not damaging us much. There is at least one more artillery that can be used to bring to Hippo Regius 2 to ping Droms.

The F3 says we have some cats, but I could not find them. We have 26 infantry now and at least 16 artillery. Not sure how many non natives as they do not show up in F3.

Basically you do not have to worry about any units coming to our towns, other than landings. Either none will or they will face infantry or armies.
The F3 says we have some cats, but I could not find them.

If you sort by unit in MilAd then click on the Cat, the game will take you to where it is located. it will be in the centre of the screen in case it is in a stack or in a city.
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