Sabotage building spy mission


Sep 7, 2006
In my recent game I am having trouble getting this mission to work. I am playing as gilgamesh and was planning to invade asoka soon but he already has a stack of units and looks like he will beat me to rifling. I have focussed heavily on espionage this game and so planned to destroy his courthouses/pillage cottages/create unhappy to slow his teching, stop him building more units and hopefully even make his units strike.

I stuck spies in a few of his cities for 5 turns but in all except one city the spy does not have the option to destroy buildings. In the city where the option is available the mission cost is a few hundred EP, yet in an adjacent city I am unavailable to even select it on the espionage mission menu. I can examine all the city screens and have thousands of EP available against him so what is stopping me?

Just to note I am using the expanded mod v1.6 (next war features added to the normal game). I dont know if this could be the cause of the problem but I seem to remember having trouble destroying buildings before in a regular game aswell.

Has anybody else had trouble with this mission or know what factors affect when you are able to destroy buildings?
I'm pretty sure it's a bug. I've had problems with it almost every game.
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