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(save)think this is winnable? (Prince)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Stabe, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Stabe

    Stabe Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2010
    Well thanks to you guys after doing some forum digging I managed to bang out a few victories on Noble so I decided to try Prince; and this is what happened. I would put some input but the problem is I don't know what to do at all. I thought I was doing pretty good as I axe rushed Alexander and took his last city at 300BC, but I get the feeling somethings about to go terribly wrong. Any interpretations of my situation or suggestions on what I should do?

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  2. Ghpstage

    Ghpstage Deity

    Jan 15, 2009
    Bristol, England
    Make sure you settle your resources, I see a gold, a corn, 6 fish, a pig, 2 crabs and a clam that are all unsettled in your territory, theres even an unimproved fish that is settled. Yet another fish near Thapsus has been completely killed off by not razing that horribly placed city.

    Resource tiles form the core of your economy, especially the food ones. Not making use of them will do nothing but prevent your empire from reaching its potential.
    On this I will also state that overlap is not the enemy, its a wise thing to do in a large number of circumstances, and one of those circumstances is to claim food you don't yet have in a BFC!

    I also notice that you don't have enough workers, just 10 for 13 cities is very low. The results of this are that your working quite a number of unimproved tiles, including a food, and you haven't been able to connect things up....
    Also, although its not relevant to workers specifically but wow, I just noticed you don't have any fish connected AT ALL :eek:
  3. lymond

    lymond Rise Up! (Phoenix Style!) Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Mar 11, 2008
    first, let folks know you are using the BAT mod

    Game is easily winnable, but there is a lot wrong with it. First of all, what is up with your National Wonders or lack thereof. Only NW you are building is Forbidden Palace, which is certainly not needed at present and in a bad location nonetheless.

    No National Epic. No Oxford. What is the deal? What are you trying to do here.

    Ghp has noted some other key faults. Most of the world is at war. You could easily piggy-back on this to take more land from...say...the Celts. Steel would be a nice grab or you can continue the route to Rifling and try drafting. Cannons would own right now. Cannons and Muskets perhaps with rifles later. You could mop up the map.

    Civics are okay, but Caste is questionable. Caste would be more viable with NE in place and a golden age. Otherwise you need Slavery.

    Where's your Forges and Unis?

    Specialize your cities. Cities like Hadratinum (?) could be a good production city, perhaps HE city, which you can build by the way and absolutely should. Irrigate the Rice near this city and farm over the cottages. Production cities are food hammers only. You need to give more thought to what you do with your cities and the improvements.
  4. Sir Penguinboy

    Sir Penguinboy Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2011
    Pretty much what everyone else has said i would say, but they already said it. However, you should move that axemen into Thepsus, he'll heal faster, build a road Thaenae, you have workers there, but there building mines and plantations instead of a road. You don't ave anyone in Leptis which is bad since you actually seem to have enough guys to do that and its on the border. Instead of farms you built a million cottagess, I dont know if thats help keep your economy afloat, but without growth you'll never use them all stay stagnate.You don't have a state religion, which is not a big deal but 4 people are buddist, great way to make friends! And finally I will stress not building that forbidden palace and waiting untill you have tken out India or the kymer.

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