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Science Victory


Feb 10, 2009

If you find out someone launches the Space Shuttle to Alpha, is there anything you can do to win? If you're way behind in the science department, can you go ahead and try and invade the capital? If you capture their capital as they're traveling to Alpha, does that negate the science victory?

I understand that one of the new expansion wonders increases your SS speed but still, you can't win if you lose your capital, right?
You are right. If someone launch the space ship, you can stop the victory by capturing the capital.
If you nuke someone's capital can they still win? I'm behind in science to Japan in a game and I'm ready to nuke them--if I nuke Kyoto does that knock them out of the game?
Just nuking the capital does not destroy it, so it can recover and they still have their capital. You also have to go in and occupy it. As long as you occupy it (while they survive as a civ in their other cities) they cannot win the game... and you can. :) So be prepared to go in with some military after you nuke. Make sure your units are not within a few squares of ground zero, though. I killed off a few of my own knight armies that way once. Oops.
That was a weird sentence you just put together...I mean, think about what happened when we have ACTUAL nukes...Knights were about 300 years outdated! lol Still though, I get what you're saying, it was just really funny the way it came out when you typed it. I had to learn what you're saying the hard way--I did the same thing I killed my fighter wing...dammit!
The AI anachronisms in the game amuse me. I always feel a little guilty nuking a civ that's only been coming at me with legion armies, until I remind myself that they are the ones launching space ships or culturing me into oblivion.
"knight armies"

Knights + Nukes?

Legions + Spaceships?

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