<150 turn science victory on original version of civ 6


Oct 20, 2023

I've been seeing and reading about people winning science victories under turn 150. All the videos I've seen have been people playing expansion versions like rise and fall. I haven't played any of them but they seem to have a lot more ways of getting bonuses and multipliers for various stats like science and culture. I'm curious if anyone has won the original version of the game that fast? All of these people are producing well over 1000 science a turn by the end of the game. Over 2000 actually in most cases. I haven't been playing the game that long so maybe there are ways of getting more science I'm not familiar with. But I don't see any way of getting that much science on the original version of the game. Even if you had 10 cities at population 20 with all science buildings built. And even if you had +4 adjacency on all your campus districts with double adjacency bonus and 100% science in all your campus district buildings. You'd have 14 science from each cities population. Which gives 140 for all 10. You'd have 22 science in each city from the buildings after the 100% science increase. Which is another 220. And then you'd have 8 in each city from the adjacency bonuses. So another 80 with the previous amounts gives only 440. I haven't worked out how much exactly the research grants give you. But even if that was 20 science a turn per city you'd still only be at 640. With a 10% multiplier from 3+ amenities per city that would be 704. And ten cities at 20 population before turn 150 seems unrealistic anyway. Is this amount of science possible in the original version of the game? And has anyone won with science on the original version of the game this fast? I still haven't won under turn 300, which is basically required to beat it on deity.
I haven't played without the expansions in ages, but typically the super low turn count science victories involve a lot of pillaging for science. That doesn't get added to the per turn yield but helps in getting you to late game techs in a low number of turns.

In the late game, getting to 2000+ science per turn is probably from the international space agency policy card which gives you +5% science per city state you are suzerain of. Scientific city states also add to the yield of campus district buildings if you have envoys with them. I believe the details of how this works has changed with the expansions, so I don't remember exactly what it was like without them, but I'm pretty sure the bonuses were still applied prior to any modifiers like the boost from positive amenities, so having 3-4 scientific city states on the map can be a significant boost to your science compared to if there are only 0-1.
Before Gathering Storm the game ended with the information era (the future era requires a lot of science unless you're lucky) and you won SV by only building 3 projects instead of building 4 and then needing laser projects to speed up the travel rate until you actually win.

Additionally recruiting late game engineer was actually possible in early eras, unlike now because of the ridiculous scaling and there was still some crazy stuff like the faith from chopping pantheon.

While we have some nice stuff nowdays (most importantly insane pillage scaling) Speedruning was kind of simpler and probably faster then any game that doesn't abuse pillaging to the maximum.

Civtrader6 has a few old speedruns on youtube of which at least one is sub 150 I believe but the other are also around that ballpark
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