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Mexica (Aztec) Army

Searching for an Aztec Army unit 2021-03-03

Ares de Borg

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Sep 19, 2004
Heart Of Europe
Hi guys, I'm currently working on my mod again and I can't find a specific unit for the life of me. If I remember correctly, there was once an Aztec leader unit with a very distinctive, umbrella like dress like the guy on the right:

Does somebody remember and can provide a link? I thought Shiro might have made it but I cannot find it anywhere...
Mexica Army A-LG.jpg
Mexica Army B-LG.jpg

I found them. Ironically, on my HD. I have no idea if Shiro ever released them.
I failed to find the category option... can someone please move the unit to the Medieval Units section?
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Worries of Mesoamerican warriors Vol.1.
Guy #2. I am hungry! I need shoes! I have no protection! My pack is heavy!
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