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  • Cool, because I'm willing to help make tech icons. I really want to see this scenario done and I'm willing to help any way I can.
    Not much has changed in the meantime. People are wrong on the Internet, uni still sucks, and I still find the announcements list thing to be a bit of a drag.
    So, nothing's changed while you were gone.
    Viroteman, I hope you see this when you get back.

    I intend to to another Greece scenario (Greater Greece/Magna Græcia).
    Is it OK if I borrow schtuff from yours?
    If you live in Dorset, I imagine you went to BRI for the operation? That's where they do all the thoracic surgery in the West Country, apparently.
    I had a VATS bullectomy after they revealed a persistent leak which refused to allow my left lung to reinflate. I assume that your suffering the same complaint means that you too are somewhat tall and thin? :)
    Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    Hello there.

    Might I interest you in inviting you to Beyond the Lampshade which a place of humour and debate? It is my primal forum; a community very close. Consider for great justice as there is talk by the admin for a multiplayer game of Civ5.
    Scrolling through a thread and I noticed you have a "Reputation: 1" thing under your location in the user info panel. How did that happen? Some kind of software bug or some abandoned system from before I joined the forum? Or did you put it in the location textbox and space it just right?
    Talk about irony, YouTube forces Coca-Cola commercials on me every time I try to watch a Ska-P vid.
    Ahh well I was talking to an aquaintance and it turns out it's like the premier uni for politics in the UK and it's in Wales and it's got a funny name, so my mind literally exploded with joy at the link i had made between the two. yeah i can't explain it.
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