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sgEUII1: Rise of the Ottomans


May 4, 2003


In an earlier thread several people showed interest in a Europa Universalis succession game. It's a great game and has many fans, even on these forums, but nobody actually ended up starting a thread. So I took it upon myself, even though I'm not a very experienced player. The game will be a Grand Campaign, meaning that it will go from 1419 to 1819. We will play ruler by ruler, meaning that each one of us will take the reigns of the country during the reign of one of the rulers, and when that ruler dies they will give control to the next player. In this game we will be the Ottomans, since that was the one nation everyone agreed would be fun to play.


We'll be playing with the v1.07 patch for the game, with no betas. I'm assuming everyone knows what a sucession game is... you play the game, save, and then upload the save to this thread. Next person picks it up, they play it, save it, upload it, and so on and so on.


I personally don't have any grand strategy in mind. I would like to conquer Southeastern Europe first since it's so divided among bickering little states, and we have a cassus belli against almost all of them. Then we could conquer Anatolia and what there is of the Muslim world. Open to suggestinos though

Playing Order:

1. AAminion00
2. Revolutionary
3. Calgacus

So... anybody interested?

Hey Sign me up.

My first idea would be to take Byzanitime, then move on to Athens and Albainia. After that a rapid expansion into Asia Minor.
O.k., awesome. We'll need at least 1 more player thoguh (preferrably 2), so this will officialy start tomorrow (the day my finals are over).
Good luck, I would play but I don't have the game. It sure looks fun though.
Well buy the game then ;)

Anyways, I sent a PM to all the people who posted in the last thread, so hopefully 2 more players will come. Regarding strategy, I'd first attack the Dutchy of Athens. They only have one province, which should be pathetically easy to capture. Once we have annexed them, we will have troops on the borders of both Byzantine provinces. Also the stability hit a war against the Byzantines would start wouldn't be quite as bad. That's just me. After that we'll take Bulgaria, and then maybe Unite Anatolia.

Also, would it be smarter if went in 10 year increments instead of rulers?... Rulers would be more fun though, but 10 year increments far quicker.
I took a look at the Ottoman's rulers file. Quite a few rule for less than a year and many rule for less than 5 years. There are 27 rulers total, meaning with 5 players each will get 5 shots at the game for a 400 years campaing. Somebody unlucky could end up with the 5 shortest lived rulers and get almost zero fun from the game.

The most interesting period for the Ottoman is the reign of Suleyman I who ruled for 46 years. I am afraid that period will end up being neglected in the reporting if it is played by a single player. You really should go for a set time period, like 10 years, giving each players 8 equal shots at the game.

Although I am interested in an EU2 SG, I won't downgrade from the november 26th beta. I will actually upgrade to the latest beta as soon as the CTDs are taken care of.

Good luck with your game, have fun! :)
Thanks for the info and PM. I haven't got patch 1.07 and won't be able to update for a while. But I'll be a passive participant at this stage and will follow your progress with interest!
Since tomorrow's saturday, I'll probably play out my turn tomorrow, k? I'll take out Duchy of Athens, and some Turkish countries. Calgacus can have Constantinople.
Yea dont worry calgacus I'll make sure that they are still standing for you. Cant say much for the rest of Turkey mind you.
ok, well, err, how exactly do I upload the save :confused:

There are 2 files for the game in the saves folder. One is less than a kb, and the other is absolutely huge... could you guys check your save folders and tell me? I played my turn (not good :( )
Zip them (in one file if pos.) and then upload and then post the address of the upload.

Upload file is on the bottom-right of the screen you see when posting a nex message
Medhmed I

1419 - 1421

Mehmed I took the full reigns of Ottoman Turkey in 1419, at a time of great opportunity. His kingdom had possesions in 2 continents, with well-trained armies, a pleasently large treasury, and a populace thirsting for glory. Mehmed I would provide what he could.

The Italian city state of Tuscany was far away, but had many vassals directly bordering the Sultan's borders. One of the most appealing was the province of Helles, home of the Duchy of Athens, and more than two millenia of history. Mehmed I immediatly ordered his first fleet to travel to the Agean Sea, where it was boarded by the 2nd army from Smyrna. After a brief travel across the Agean Sea, the 2nd army arrived at Macedonia, where together with the 1st army they trained for many days. Seeing as they would soon be sent into battle, the Pashas of the provinces of Smyrna and Macedonia started a recruitment of 5000 men in each province, with which the Sultan agreed.

In early February, an emissary was sent to the Duke Antonio I in Athens officialy declaring war between the two kingdoms. To this, the Greeks hastily called upon the help of their ally, Tuscany, and the first great war of Mehmed's rain began, as 30,000 men and 10,000 sipahi rode South from Thessaloniki. On March 3rd, they finally arrived and met the Greek forces in battle on the outskirts of Athenea. The battle lasted only a day, and resulted in a decisive victory for the Turks. At a loss of less than 500 men, Athens was besieged.

The siege was long and extremely difficult. More than 20,000 men died trying to capture Athens, and back in Smyrna, the defensive regiment there was barely able to withstand an assault by Tuscany. Finally in September however, the siege was complete. The duchy of Athens was annexed by the Ottoman Empire, and Mehmed I went back to trying to rebuild his armies.

The treasury sharply fell, only half of what it was when Mehmed took control of the empire... but there were good news as well. Naval technology had reached the status of his Western Neighbors, and trade level had reached early rennaisance. Mehmed also saw an opportunity to take land from the crumbling Serbian kingdom. Kosovo was quickly besieged by Ottoman forces, while merchants were sent to the 4 corners of the world. The Kosovo siege quickly fell apart though, and Mehmed left the area to be fought over by the Christian kingdoms.

On March 28, 1421, Mehmed I died, giving rise to his son Murad to become Sultan. Mehmed looked at his rule as a general failure, with a rapidly declining economy providing much stress in his later years. Mehmed hoped his son Murad would have better luck than he would. His dying wish to him was that he improve the economy, and continue to expand the Empire.

Murad I - Part One
Murad I - Part Two
I would like to play but I am using the nov 26th beta, I can't uninstall it cause I am using it for a multi-player game.

Anyhoo my OE strat.

In the first century concentrate on South Eastern Europe expansion, before European powers have a chance to out-tech you. First go for provences with your culture, Greek and Slovanian. Going for Hungary is an option, it's not too hard to conquer but the provences are christain and not your culture which will kill your stability costs.

After you've taken a good chunk of South Eastern Europe take the rest of Asia Minor.

Then concentrate on converting your provences. Your stability costs should be pretty high by now.

After protestenism appears go for the Mameluks. You need to wait for Protestenism because your religous sliders will be hell if you go before. Mameluks own Catholic, shiite, Sunni and Orthodox provences. Take some ships and go stragiht for Alexandria, once you take their capital you'll get an event giving you all their land and gaining the Hedjaz as a vassal.

Next while concentrate and converting again. Then go for Tunisia, Algeirs should be your vassal by now via event so after 30 years of vassalship make sure to dilpo annex them (Hedjaz after 30 years too)

After this I uaually expand east into Persia and north into Russia.

(Also make sure to dilpo-annex suni countires to keep BB down)
On second thought I probably won't have the time right now to play, but good luck!
Ok just picked up the game, not tottaly sure how to upload it once I've had my go but I'll use the instustcions soon as I finish my go.

Long live Murad
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