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[BTS] SGOTM 26 - The Indecisive

I gave my view on what we could do better. RRRaskalnikov and Cactus Pete, what are your thought about what we could have done better?

Interested in having the discussion, but have been waiting for the summary RRR refers to. Is it posted?

Also, please explain this: "Bulbing Mass Media on turn of victory vote and rushing Broadcasting Tower is Genius. That is a game changer."

Sorry I am playing a notw game in another subforum and the notifications get lost since these threads have like 500 posts a day. I'll get around to post my thoughts this week. :)

Thanks lymond.
what is a notw?
Night of The Werewolfs, or mafia game.

Uninformed majority vs informed minority... That s a guessing game. Who are the wolfs killing villagers at night?
Hugely enjoyable but VERY time consuming...
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