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[BTS] SGOTM 26 - Unusual Suspects

.........but i think peace and sharing tech and going UN will be a faster victory.

I'll let you guys make the final call on that overnight. I think I had enough for today. I have tomorrow and Friday to play as well.
Great work!
I'll start to play in 30 min and make a decision then.
It's 1750 the war has gone well but bismarck had a lot of grenadiers so we lost a few units:scan:.
Taj was missed by 1 turn to france.:cry:
I teched commu and physics so we didn't miss the gp.
Commu is just in and I haven't start on kreml yet. I was suppose to starta golden age with a prophet we got before and the spy but in the last millsecond the mouse jumped and the prophet got settled in engineer instead.:cry:
We where able to trade some tech with france.
SB is second in score but after in tech doesnt even have gunpowder yet but our power ratio is 1. Sal lost another city to Bismarck and bismarck bribed Peter in war against him. Bismarck is small but built a ship of the line that might disrupt our navy. I built wealth instead of an army so we didnt miss commu and physics but now we need to rebuild the army instead.

I think I would still go for conquest, but maybe UN is still at pair as a finish date. Lets see whats happens in the next 50 turns...

I won't get anymore time to play just finish this now sd.

  • 1785 - Germany is dead. Army hasn't sustained any major losses (1 frigate, 2 cannons) since taking over.
  • Military Tradition is in.
  • German land has been nearly completely pillaged, but already it's being re-settled.
  • Kremlin is started. If we get an engineer, I'll used it on Kremlin probably.
Going to keep playing.

Just thought you'd like an update.
Debating who to attack next. I'm thinking Saladin is the next biggest threat. Sitting Bull is also a threat, and he'll be much harder to tackle if he ever gets rifling. But Saladin has a stronger economy and tech and is trading constantly with France.

Other option is just to take out France so we can actually get Kremlin!

gonna give it a think a few minutes while I have lunch. If you see this and have an idea, let me know.
Looking at where our forces are, I think Saladin next. SB after that.
Don't worry too much about the new cities, they have to build lots of infrastructure instead of units, and have low culture defenses. They fall fast - and its better they settle in big landmasses than go in hard to find corners of the 1-tile island places.

No airships? Good way to keep track of the empty land, if nothing else.
Take sal first before he get curs. If we loose kreml, pentagon is on our mandatory tech path anyway.
I wonder if we have the range to use the airships.
Glad you agreed - I attacked Saladin, and took out Mecca (Capital) very quickly. Which he re-settled already!

....war seems to be going okay.

I didn't pop the Engineer in Engineer - and France has communism - so probably not gonna get Kremlin.

I am going to start a golden age with the Scientist and Spy, and see if I can get the Kremlin in.

Artist city (Isca), is drafting muskets to feed the war with saladin every time it's population gets above 8 (every couple of turns).

Getting replaceable parts soon. I think rifling would be good next for Rifle drafts + a stray Cavalry or two. Though Steam Power is also a good one.

Settled a 2nd great general in General. Now has +7 exp units out of the gate.

Airships are out of range. We'll need carriers before we can use airpower - but that's off our tech-track, so hopefully it doesn't come to that.
getting a headache- gonna take a walk in a bit.

in the golden age - thinking of switching civics. State Property. Caste System. Maybe US and work all gold to see if I can rush kremlin. I do NOT want to miss that one.
Btw just so we dont miss every building, I never built the cathedral you started in prophet sd. Thought the hammers would come in handy else where by then.

  • Saladin's original cities have been destroyed.
  • Decided to tech Rifling. Hopefully it's the last military and non-critical tech we'll need.
  • Got Kremlin.
  • Golden Age was nice.
  • State Property is nice. We're able to run at 100% with only some cities producing wealth.
  • Got a 2nd stack going. We're going to need a 3rd stack. Our elite cannons are chewing through musket-and-earlier armies. We just can't cover all the land.
  • 3 of our Frigates got sunk by Saladin, but the Galleons didn't. Working on replacing them.
I think the best military path forward is to finish off Saladin completely. Then attack France with the MAIN stack, while we build a home-army to attack Sitting Bull. Basically, existing army finishes off Saladin and France and Peter, while core cities build up a Rifle / Cannon / Airship army to attack Sitting Bull's core.

Once rifling is in, we draft a bunch of units in the Globe Theater city and ferry them over to attack SB.

I'm gonna take a break. I may put in a few more hours later. Anyone want to play while I'm in bed tonight? Zhary said no. Kcd? We could use the turns. Most of the game seems like mop-up now. We have almost everything we need.

I can put in another long day tomorrow. It helped a lot having Zhary play overnight.
Update: (final for today):

  • It's 1846.
  • We're working on electricity.
  • We have two armies. One set to wipe out Saladin's final cities.
  • One set to invade Sitting Bull.
I hope someone else can play a bit tonight. I have lots of time to play tomorrow, but I'm not sure I can finish the game tomorrow.
I'll check in again in 5 or 6 hours, and if nobody else takes it by then, I will notify and then play some turns.:deal:
I got some unexpected free time today. I'll play some turns in about 30 minutes.
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