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Lorf Yimzo

Apr 26, 2013
Empire of Colorado
I don't care if this thread is 5 minutes early. Share away. Mine will probably be watching the download bar like a very interesting insect. Also, sorry for the rest of the world for a couple days torture.
Already downloaded. Will post my reactions in this thread tomorrow.
Silly Gamestop for making me wait. I wish it wouldve provided me with a key earlier!
First Reaction:

Performing first time setup...

Installing: DirectX 9 (Step 8 of 36)

The steam preload apparently mean we already got the game if it preloaded and only my slow computer means I'm not playing yet.
I'm still downloading, and I'm having fun already. Luckily it's less than a ten minute download. I can't wait to start a game as Venice.
The 45 step update of DirectX 9 was particularly thrilling. The joy of watching the progress bar slowly fill up was rivaled only by the occasional pop-ups whose bars filled up in mere seconds. Truly, this is the epitome of the Civ 5 experience. I give it five stars out of five.
fun that it's loaded and good to go..had to verify on steam then restart steam. see you in game!
The Menu Screen music really sounds pretty different from Vanilla and G&K.

Haven't seen anything else yet.
Went into the folders to find the soundtrack and listened to a few tracks. Very nice, much better than G&K.
You people are on the menu already!?!?! Stupid bad internet.
Kris Swordsman has NEGATIVE promotions! -10% Attack -20% defense is one, -20 HP in homeland is another.
Like the Shoshone music -have a nice start on Continents plus map - however only 2 goody huys so far and it's crowded in my neighborhood - with Zulu's nearbye....yikes.
35 of 45, ye gads
After DirectX 9 installed finally, I have to download again apparently

still at 3%.....ugh, slow mountain internet

You and I are probably using the Denver servers. It is slow tonight. Download took 9 minutes. Getting to step 14 took 17 minutes so far. Lol.
Well, at least you guys are having fun. While I can start up the game and see the new intro video, I am then launched into the G&K version of the game, with an option for BNW in the DLC section (but it turns out I can not enable it). I am verifying the game's integrity through Steam right now. Hopefully that works.
It seems like venice is rather buggy. I can't buy cities with a Merchant of Venice and the free one in liberty is broken.
Edit: I'm an idiot, I had OCC selected somehow.
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