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Share your fun new leader games!

Discussion in 'Strategy Forum' started by Thalassicus, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. void_genesis

    void_genesis Prince

    Apr 12, 2011
    I just had a lovely game as India, playing king level on a communitas map with 3.11. I rolled a location with sugar, spice, rivers and jungle so went for a science victory. I settled three cities (one just off the coast on a tiny island still got lots of coastal jungle) and put farms everywhere on the rivers to see how big my population could get. It got just shy of 40 in Delhi by the end.

    The really interesting thing was Sweden on the other continent steadily gobbled up all his neighbours and was buying up every city state very aggressively by the end. They then came onto my continent and ate Mongolia and the Shoshone. Luckily I managed to get in their good graces by joining them in each late war despite having a pathetic military. I also voted for their congress motions, even ones that were against my own interest. With my handful of votes I wasn't stopping them anyway. The only negative modifier was that our ideologies were different.

    I took the order ideology since using great engineers for spaceship parts seemed interesting. I also completed tradition, piety and knowledge. And good thing to- with about 8 turns to go for Sweden getting a UN victory (they bought any CS back the next turn I took them) I managed to get bell labs and mass pop the final techs, then mass faith buy engineers with my accumulated faith to finish all the parts. I assembled all the parts over two turns so the monster next door couldn't react. It came down to a two turn advantage based on a social policy taken on a whim. I think I launched just before 1900.
  2. ExpiredReign

    ExpiredReign Deity

    Jan 3, 2013
    Am I to conclude from this that it is only once you load a spaceship part the other civs become aware of your progress? I did not know that.:eek:

    That sounds like a sound strategy to me. Thanks.
  3. je355804

    je355804 Chieftain

    Jan 10, 2014
    The culture bar, displayed on the images of your cities.... was that only in the older versions of the game? I did not start playing until BNW, and my cities do not have the purple culture bar displayed.
  4. EricB

    EricB Prince

    Feb 4, 2013
    So in playing many, many games and also interacting with AI civs, there are some civs that IMO are too strong and some that are too weak (more of these).

    Too strong:

    Greece - city states are so powerful and Greece gets them too easily. AIs dominant as Greece.

    Japan - Samurai far too strong.

    Too weak:
    America - they usually get crushed early in the game and don't make it far enough into the game to use their building. Their building BTW is a game-changer and way too strong. They need more power early on and the NASA building nerfed to not give a free tech.

    Aztecs - AIs are usually really poor for the Aztecs. Their economy is always a disaster. They fall behind and are eventually crushed.

    Brazil - Golden Ages are too short for them.

    Byzantium - Perennially weak. Never seen them be a strong civ, ever. Their benefit comes from having a religion, but they have no bonuses helping them get that religion. If their religion is only in their capital city and they have that extra belief, then it's of very little value.

    England - Human player can play with them well. AIs have a hard time. They need a bit more of a naval edge that the AIs can use.

    Ethiopia - Stele building a bit weak.

    Inca - Slinger unit next to worthless.

    Indonesia - Gets advantages from having island cities, yet no advantage to get them. AIs many times don't take advantage of this.

    Iroquois - way too weak. They have no real advantages.

    Morocco - very weak civ. They are always crushed. They need some advantage to help them as their unit isn't much (and late) and their Kasbah improvement is next to worthless.

    Netherlands - Trade Office is nothing special. No difference from a normal caravansary.

    Persia - Culture bonus on golden ages doesn't work.

    Russia - pretty weak normally. Krepost is worthless.

    Shoshone - Comanche Riders could use a buff.

    Siam - gets bonuses from having city states, but gets no gold/economic advantage to buy those city states.

    Spain - very weak civ. Conquistador could use a buff.

    Venice - weakest civ in the game. Needs major work.

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