[C3C] Sid, anyone?

Would you like COTM158 Maya to be on Deity level or on Sid level?

  • Deity

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Sid

    Votes: 4 44.4%

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Più Freddo

From space, earth is blue
Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
Sometimes, we have in the past redefined a C3C Deity game to instead be a Sid game. It would be possible to do that again with the upcoming COTM158 Maya game on the new year.

What do you say? This poll is open for four weeks.
Haven't played a Sid game in a long time, so my first inclination was "yes, go for it!".

But then, RL time is always a deciding factor. And also I have the impression that most of the "newcomers" we had in the GOTM community recently won't feel comfortable on Sid yet? (Unless the odds are heavily stacked in the human player's favor, i.e. super-duper start position, additional settlers, extra defensive units or AIs on the other continents. But then, what's the use of having a Sid game, if it isn't much different from a Deity and only drags out longer?!)

So I feel that Deity would be the better choice?! (Or we can have two starts, like we used to have in the past: one at Deity, and one at Sid for those who want the extra challenge... :devil: Same map, only a different difficulty?)
I don't think I will ever be successful at Sid level, but kudos to those who are!
Sid depends on setup. I remember Sid France was excellent. Neve had this impression before and after.
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