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Jan 17, 2023

I first need to read the article to make a summary, but here, have the thread already.

EDIT: The game is called "Civilization: Eras & Allies", and apparently a re-branding of an already existing game called "Conquests and Alliances", a 4X empire builder.
So this is not something actually really new.

From the IGN artcile:
"As we announced earlier this year, Firaxis Games is in active development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise. We are working with an external partner specializing in mobile social strategy games to develop Civilization: Eras & Allies."

It should also be pointed out that IGN calls it Civ7, and that whoever from Firaxis spoke calls it again the "next iteration".

EDIT: I pulled up a random video from the game on Youtube:

As a follow up to this article, the makers of the new Civilization mobile game have released more info on the game!
For the record, this was only on the Chinese site bilibili, did not release any content yet.
The partner is confirmed to be Tencent Games, and the name is 世界启元. Literally translates to "World Starting Era" as opposed to Eras&Allies
Their official video account is at and currently has three videos (mostly CG)
A handful of images are also posted at, I'll also provide them below. Definitely from Civ6 assets.
(preorder is technically open at the site above but only has android. Also likely limited to Chinese accounts?)
Oh and Sid himself made an appearance.

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Seems that Pyramids are a kind of "natural wonder", it looks like a suggestion I made for finding ancient wonders as natural wonders (but my exact suggestion was to find them with archeologists if i'm right, but I don't remember in what context, or maybe it was with any unit but from eliminated civs)
Also it seems that cities radiuses are pretty much limited.

Anyway I think that Civ6 has been released on phones wasn't it ? If yes I have hard times to imagine the usefulness of such a game. I hope that wasn't the "next Civ game in development" though...
I wish this wasn’t official so I didn’t have to acknowledge it as an actual Civ game and not just a strange offshoot. (It’s not a mainline game, sure, but it has the official branding and lots of Civ VI assets for what I feel is going to be an inferior project)

I have a sinking feeling about this game is what I’m trying to say. I don’t get my hopes up for anything that tries to appeal to the Chinese market (for both political reasons and the way I’ve seen it affect other franchises I like).

Plus we already have Civ VI on mobile so idk

I doubt I’ll be interested in the mechanics or changes from Civ VI, but we’ll see.
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Two interesting parts in the video to me. One, Sid's appearance. He says, "Congratulations to the teams who have worked on this", which to me implies he wasn't directly involved, but it's good to see him nonetheless. I wonder if he's found time for that dinosaur game that was on the back burner in the 2000s?

And the other, the Cliff Lance section, where he mentions that it's going to be massively multiplayer with thousands of players playing the same game of Civilization together. Which means it is not a slightly different version of Civ VI mobile for the Chinese market, but a different game altogether. Indeed, likely fairly different from the bread and butter of most of us Fanatics, but to me that also means it can be categorized as "thematically inspired, but not the direction for Civ VII."

It would still be nice for Firaxis to announce more about the actual direction for Civ VII... we're grasping at straws here and trying to read the tea leaves via Eras & Allies.
Maybe we'll get a Nintendo Switch version...we are plagued with mobile trash:mischief:!
This game isn't for us. It's a mobile game made for the world's biggest mobile market. It happens to have Civ assets that its maker bought from 2K and that's it.

It's not worth our attention.
I watched some of the gameplay:

Two things I like:
1. Less cartoony leader graphics. (Although almost all other assets are identical to Civ VI)
2. Historical heroes vs. Civ VI's fantasy hero mode.
The parts with the less cartoony graphics are there because the game used to be Conquests and Alliances (no Civ in the title) and looked a bit different. Just about nobody was interested in playing (it was available in several regions already) so the game was rebranded under the Civ label so that there's at least something solid to market it on and make the game stand out in the extremely crowded mobile game market.
I watched some of the gameplay:

Two things I like:
1. Less cartoony leader graphics. (Although almost all other assets are identical to Civ VI)
2. Historical heroes vs. Civ VI's fantasy hero mode.
The barbarians building an Outpost right on the player's borders and claiming/pillaging neutral tiles was interesting, though I'm not sure what exactly was happening there. Also, was that a Farm on a neutral tile?
Also I’m gonna seem like the obligatory contrarian by saying this but I find the artstyle for leaders seen here very generic and forgettable.

Does that make bug-eyed Ghandi better? Not necessarily, but he definitely has more character.

Definitely a case of different strokes for different folks- I’ve just seen enough generic mobile games with semi-realistic, appealingly rendered, semi-vibrant wallpaper-esque artstyles.

Interested by those gameplay details Bonyduck pointed out.
Two things I like:
1. Less cartoony leader graphics. (Although almost all other assets are identical to Civ VI)
2. Historical heroes vs. Civ VI's fantasy hero mode.
Historical heroes at the cost of historical leaders, it seems. :shifty:
Glad to hear that... and resisting the temptation to install it on my iPhone :)

But if their goal is (as Quintillus noted) a massive multiplayer game, then Civ6 was never going to fit the bill anyway.
Though i must say that I like what they do with the barbarians. They compete for resources and have a bit more agency than just raiding. Civilization VII should refrain from using generic barbarians and make them more interesting and diverse imo. Something they started doing with the Barbarian clans mode, and Humankind also took some good steps in. Representing pastoral, nomadic, and tribal societies is important to limit the grandeur of 'civilized society' and have a better way of portraying potential civs such as the Goths or Huns.
Looks like they've setup a facebook page and confirmed that its releasing first in Indonesia and Philippines.

Civilization: Eras & Allies is now available for early access in Indonesia and The Philippines. Please visit the Google Play store to download now, and commence your empire-building journey.
Begin your reign by gathering resources and rewards to kick start your Empire. Call on allies to fortify your alliance to defend your territory from Barbarians and players alike. Complete daily tasks and recruit the mighty King David.
Download now:

So I downloaded the APK 2 days ago (IIRC around 1 gig). (I am from Europe, i.e. the game is not available in my region's Google Play store.) I installed it, and I spent quite a few hours with it. Good news is that the game is very stable, no hiccups at all on my device. The gameplay is completely different from civ.

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