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Sid Defeated!


May 24, 2002
A Sid difficulty epic game has been won. Here is the link to the succession game where it took place. A fantastic read on many many levels!

Sid Defeated!
Originally posted by akots
The win was an apparent consequence of the gpt bug. Otherwise, the game could have turned out differently.
They didn't deliberately use the bug and they suffered other handicaps such as the serious corruption drawbacks of 1.0. (Other things may also get easier in future patches such as amount of resources.)

It was excellently played in the face of huge challenges. As Ridgelake says, a fantastic read. If you go and read it, you'll see an AI dogpile early on which many people (i.e. nearly everyone :) ) would have assumed was the end. They just grinned cheerfully and kept going to see what they could salvage. And if you read on... (well, just go do it :) )

It is a well earned Sid victory deserving many congratulations!
You killed Sid. NOOOO! Oh wait you just defeated that level. It does seem easy with the GPT bug. Even with the FP bug as well. You should try it again once it's been patched.
Did they even use the gpt bug to their advantage? I know one of their opponents stockpiled 125k cash, and that shows the AI just doesn't know what to do with all that cash. For an AI having all that cash, I wasn't as worried for them as they seemed to be.

They patched during the game, so some of the early bugs they did have to suffer through for most of the game, but it may have helped their end game. Too hard to say really, without doing a detailed analysis.

They had the 3 things needed for beating Sid.

1. Skill. All extremely good and experienced players.
2. Luck.
3. Good map. When I first looked at the map, my original thought was that it was winnable, even on Sid. Later on (the early AI gang-bang on them, and later in the game when an AI was building the UN when they were several techs behind), I did think they would lose it, but they didn't, because they did not give up.
Wasn't that like the first conquests SG to actually open? I started reading it but then I got involved with some other stuff. I need to go back and finish it. :D
Originally posted by Bamspeedy
Did they even use the gpt bug to their advantage?
At the end of the game, they were earning enough gold off of every conquered Ottoman city to do a tech steal -- or close to it. That's the consequence spoken of. To say that they won because of this is ludicrous, though. If the bug hadn't been there, they never would have been so far behind on techs that they needed to perform that many steals to pull it off.

They won because they're amazing players. Simple as that.
Sid defeated? :goodjob: and a hearty well-done, perhaps even a BZ!
Nice game.:goodjob:

Continent, 40% water win would be much more impressive, but the job done by the team, in spite of the game itself almost, was very, very good. :)

I am sure it won't be too long after the patch process is stabilized that we'll see more Sid level games.
Very interesting read! They never stated the size of the map. Anyone know?
Standard-sized map. Archipelago but mostly land, so contacts weren't really delayed much at all.

Hard to say exactly how much the gpt bug changed things. It sped up the AIs early and middle, but it allowed us some of our tremendous catch-up at the end. Without it, I doubt we'd've been as far behind, but the Ottoman cities wouldn't have caught us up as much.... No way to know.

I agree with Bamspeedy's assessment, it was a combination of luck, map, and great play (by the whole team). To me, it's a huge testament to simply never giving up!

Thanks for the (almost) unanimously positive comments! This was a heckuva game. It's funny, but I don't get the same feeling of dread or defeat when things look bleak in a SG as I do when playing a solo game. Perhaps it's because I only see the game in little blocks (when my turn comes) and/or because there are others with whom to share the stress of our position. Anyway, I appreciated the way all of us worked together, talked things through, formulated a game plan, and went with it. We truly operated as a team, which contributed mightily to our success.
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