[Civ2] Sid Meier's Memoirs mentions a 64 player battle royale mod for Civ2???


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Sep 24, 2016
Am currently finally reading Sid Meier's Memoirs and quite enjoying it. He doesn't talk heaps about Civ2 since it was Brians creation but there's a nice part where he's talking about his original resistance that turned into respect and admiration for the Civ2 modding community after seeing so many amazing creations and how Civ2 could be a whole Minecraft like world building game he didn't envision it could be. He goes on to mention the famous Eternal War story game in 2012 and he also mentions something else far more curious (pictured below) where he discusses a fan making some sort of Battle Royale mod containing 61 simultaneous Civs spawning in their real world locations on a map of earth!!! Apparently it would crash after a bunch of turns but what the hell??? I've never heard of this.. all these decades later we all chat with each other in the fan rebuild and ToTPP threads dreaming about how much we'd love to see the 7 player limit broken and yet apparently someone did it back in the 90s?? Does anyone know what mod he's referring to?

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