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So what are you loving? Not loving?

Discussion in 'CivRev - General Discussions' started by Sanveann, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. KingCharles

    KingCharles Chieftain

    Jul 29, 2008
    This is my first Civ in the Civ series and so far i really like the game but some things do irk me...

    Likes :
    --Overall gamestyle/gameplay. I think i need to try the CPU Civs as i was always a big CPU gamer.
    --Different Civs give slightly different edges in the game but all Civs are good in their own light. Some civs with the right person playing can just be nasty.
    --Multiple ways to win the game. You can change up your game alot to mix things up.
    --Navel support --- > very cool. Took me a while to figure out how to get my boats to attack but once i did, man what a difference.

    No Like:

    --AI. I cant see any consistancy in their actions. I played a game with 2 friends on a teams based MP game. My two friends ( new to the game, well newer than me ) on a team and me with an AI on a team. Well - lets just say id had been better off with out the damn AI. They sent units to my city and "defended" just outside my borders effectively screwing me out of useing 2 of my 3 tree production tiles. They did this within the first 1000 years of the game ( they were warrior units, not armys) and the bastards stayed there THE ENTIRE GAME. My capitol was effectivly screwed out of 2/3s of its ''Production'' tiles. I couldnt atk them because she was my 'teammate' - /end rant Sorry, lol.
    --Diety Difficulty AI, so i started a game on diety and ZOMG is that just stupid. So i felt i was doing well after takeing 4 barb citys and a friendly town got my free settler and everything and by the time i had my second city i was being attacked by 3 different Civs all of which had legion armys, 1 of them had already gotten to the 5k mark for gold and another was crankin out a great wonder almost every freaking round!! It was crazy. I dont see a way possible to beat diety ... some people are saying its easy so i must be doing something wrong but I was doing everything i could. Rome was makeing a new great wonder every other round if not every round. When i turned off my 360 i was loseing by miles on all victorys and didnt have the tech to dominate a class of 5th graders let alone 4 other civs.
    --Basicly, the AI. Either its trivial to beat em or they are too good that its impossible to match their production.
    --Lack of Rally points. I want to be able to select build tank and then when your built go from here to there so i dont have to tell every new unit that is trained.
    --Cant move stacks of armys
    --Unable to customize MP. . . What if i DONT want any dumb AI's? What if i want the AI on a harder setting ( ok not Diety but definately not Cheiften or whatever they are on in MP)
    --Winning battles i should have lost/Losing battles i should have won -- Either way its dumb. I had an archer army with defense of 18 beat a Knight Army with an atk of 32 or so... I was pissed that i won cuz thats just stupid... A unit made in the year 3000BC shouldnt even be able to sneeze on a unit 2 or 3 steps above them .. ( Example an archer unit beating a tank unit... NO! Arrows are not going thru bullet proofed armor)
    --Single Player, AI - Why wont they ever attack eachother?? Is it supposed to be 4v1 ? Ive had Romens, Greeks, and Americans all seigeing my city and not caring about eachothers units.

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  2. Smidlee

    Smidlee Deity

    Jul 10, 2003
    @ KingCharles
    The AI on Deity cheats like crazy so you can't just lay back and leave the AI alone. You must at least take care of two of the four AI (if not three) at the very beginning by either taking their capital (noticed that it's tough to rush on Greek and England capital) or camping an army of horseman just outside their capital borders waiting for the AI to supply you with settlers. Most of the time horseman can take out the settler's defenders. After taken their settlers they will often accept peace. With these settlers hog up as much land as you can.

    The reason the AI gains up on me on deity is because I'm usually the one hogging up the land and usually in the middle of the other civs. So to program the AI to gain up on the player was probably smart since most players would have a good position on this level. Even with all the AI cheats and the fact they gain up on you , you should still have the upper hand in most game. Every once and a while I have a game that turn badly (very bad odds, loses my first few armies) at the beginning of the game where the game can become challenging.

    So the only real challenge the game provides is when the dice works against you which forces you to change tactics. Of course there are those games where I won battles I should have lost which later made the game a lot easier.

    P.S if you are new to rushing the AI capitals then try Arabs which starts out with fundamentalism which gives you armies +3 attack bonus. Also their medieval bonus give you mathematics (cats).Don't forget to change out of this government later when you need libraries.
  3. revcrap

    revcrap Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2008
    I have lost twice at my first attempts at King level, this AI is really bizzare.

    I set out a perimeter on choke points and placed armies of archers and legions at the chokes, time is always of the essence, so by the time I figure that I have those choke points well defended, and simultaneously trying to get my tech advancement going the stats inform me that I'm loosing on every front, how the heck is this possible, how can the AI have cruisers so soon, next the French are launching missiles, what a joke this AI is, why doesn't the AI try and take out the "other" AI Civ which is leading, why doesn't the AI wage war more often against the other leading Civ's...The dice is loaded with lead in one direction.
  4. 777

    777 King

    Feb 20, 2005
    @revcrap: Ai is now there to piss you off and not to get you out easy. You have to understand that this time it's just you versus whole other world.
    I think Revolution is best at converting people back to Civ 4 :D
  5. Double Barrel

    Double Barrel Deity

    Mar 3, 2003
    I'm beginning to agree with you. I started a Civ IV game and realized how much was missing from Rev.
  6. Slobberface

    Slobberface Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2008
    Im not loving playinh on Deity
    it seems to me, the computer isnt smart enough to be truly challenging, so they just screw you in the battles to make up for it
    26 Vs 9
    9 wins!!!
  7. criminiminal

    criminiminal Despotic Jingoist

    Aug 5, 2008
    loving: not much

    hating: the lack of options/ control, lack of units, lack of everything that made me fall in love w/ civ from day 1.

    overall i am very disappointed. i've been playing civ since civ 2 came out and this is just horrible. im hoping that it grows on me...but i will probably junk it & stay w/ civ 3 (my favorite of all the civs)
  8. Kessey

    Kessey Chieftain

    Jan 18, 2006
    Likes: (some of these have already been mentioned. I'm just agreeing.)
    -Ship support.
    -Not having to keep people happy.
    -Overrun instead of firepower.
    -Easy maneuvering of troops.
    -I actually like playing as a Democracy.
    -Ships automatically have militia. Great for exploring very early.

    Dislikes (but not to the point of hating the game):
    -No Capitalization (I hate getting so far ahead that I have nothing else to build. Then I have to select 'nothing' for Every single city.

    -No helicopters, alpine troops, elephants, or paratroopers.
    -Spies can't bribe or subvert.
    -Republic is useless unless you plan to expand a lot.

    -Greeks wished to prove their cultural supreriority by hitting my cities with tanks.

    -Being threatened by Gandhi.
  9. Bearless

    Bearless Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2008
    Sheffield, England
    Likes: (please note I have only ever played one civ before, possibly civ 3)

    The immersion
    The randomness of the terrain
    The easy to use control system
    The fact that I think about the game when im not playing it (e.g tactics)
    The aestetic beauty of it all
    The satisfaction of nuking someone especially the germans
    wonders and great people
    Pretty much everthing else

    THE GERMANS!!!!!!!!!
    The fact you can't have multiplayer on one console
    Too much war going on!
  10. Raw Power

    Raw Power Chieftain

    Feb 19, 2003
    The graphics
    The short matches
    The balanced choices
    The opportunity that most victory conditions can be chosen until the mid/late game.
    Army creation
    No workers

    Lack of customization
    Lack of options to turn of repetive animations
    Trophy room when exiting the game instead of start menu
    No stack movement
  11. kingfire87

    kingfire87 Warlord

    Dec 9, 2007
    It all depends on which Civ I am.
    I have the DS version.

    Likes: The fact that I can play on long road trips in the backseat. ;)
    Relics. I love sending out my galleys to search the world for them. :lol:
    AI Agression
    Dislikes: No moddability! :cry:
    Only one nuke!
    A little TOO aggressive AI...
    Very bad graphics.

    I'd say it's okay. Not spectacular, not awful.
  12. Whoracle

    Whoracle Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2004
    I love the pick up and playness of it. I could do without all the micro-management so I'm not missing it. The basic controls work great. The graphics work. Even though I'm going to list far more dislikes than likes, I'm keeping the likes short because I simply like the basic mechanics of the game. Everything that is wrong with the game can be fixed. I already can't wait for the sequel since with fan feedback I'm sure they could make the next one nearly perfect.

    Even though I'm about to complain about the AI, it's actually kind of nice in that it forces you to actually defend your cities. In other games you could leave some cities with a single Warrior for long stretches of time.

    I also like that you don't need a million cities in this game. I can get by with 4 just fine and I like that.

    The AI. I can deal with one civ being annoying all the time but all of them at the same time is a bit crazy. Also even if you do cave into their ridiculous demands for 5 turns of peace they will be right back after that making demands of you again, so there is zero point in trying to give stuff up for peace because it will not last. These guys also don't give up until I take their capital and they have like one or two little cities left. Also seriously I just get annoyed with the screen popping up nearly every single turn, especially when I'm about to steam roll them.

    Definitely needs more diplomacy options

    Needs a move stack option

    Special units need to have a special combat advantage like in previous games.

    Definitely needs more map options. You can keep the pick up and play and be done in 3 hours structure while giving the people who want the option of marathon games that option

    Get rid of the jibberish. Seriously just make everybody shut up, or do the voices in English.

    Everything listen above can be fixed, 99% of the things in this thread under dislikes can be fixed. Fix the AI and throw in some diplomacy options and give us a move stack command and most of us would be happy. Throw in some map editing options with that and yeah that would about take care of it.
  13. vinstafresh

    vinstafresh Prince

    Oct 31, 2005

    - All the fun of Civ 1-4 minus the work of Civ 1-4 (civil disorder, starvation, corruption, workers, micromanagement)
    - Graphics
    - The pace of the game (finish it the same afternoon or evening you started it)
    - Games are interesting till the very end (even after 30 full games)
    - Naval support
    - 1st to discover tech bonuses
    - Artifacts
    - Huge advantages for each civ making all of them overpowered


    - Every tech is the favorite
    - Wonders don't have a lot of impact
    - No wonder movies
    - Insane demands by the AI
    - AI usually attacks with just one army and doesn't finish the job (they could get a bit more greedy imo but keep the spawning of armies to a minimum)
    - Battles could be either faster or even be skipped to end (that way you forfeit the retreat option)
    - No option to skip the space ship part launch sequence
  14. 806slidingdoors

    806slidingdoors Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2008
    What I Love:
    • Gaming on a PS3, not on a PC.
    • Beautiful,sharp graphics.
    • Less tedious micro-management, particular caravans.
    • Hearing the leaders speak Civish.
    • Watching the new animated battles.

    What I would like to see reintroduced:
    • What I miss most of all is a summary playback of the game at the end. I want to see the world map coloured as the civilizations spread out, build cities, clash and dominate/decline thought the centuries. It can give you great pride as you see your colour spread across the world.
    • The mini-movies when wonders were built (if you don’t like them, turn them off in Settings).
    • The music of each civilization from Civ 1. Each civilization should have their music played when its leader appears (not as background music running throughout the game). They were great tunes in Civ1.
    • Spies should get all their functions back, particularly “open the city’s info screen” & “target an improvement or unit for destruction”.
    • All previous civilisations that have appeared (& then add more).
    • Have up to 8 civilizations playing the game (but never knowing exactly how many competitors you have until late in the game)
    • When a civilization is killed off, have a new civilizations start up.
    • Choice of gender for leaders.
    • If your people are very unhappy, your civilization may split & form another civilisation. That only happened to me once in a game but it was a shock. I keep my people happy & cultured now but the threat of splitting will be an extra incentive.
    • Ability to have a bigger world.
    • Ability to create my own personal civilisation (leader, civ name, city names)
    • More conflict between the AI civilisations.

    Final thought: I would like a short cut button to Cities Report screen. Pressing Select & highlighting & then X takes too long.
  15. PlasmidJunky

    PlasmidJunky Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2008
    I really wish that Rev could work with the PS3 music player. I would love to be able to listen to my own music in-game. It's a shame that Sony added that feature and nothing supports it yet really.
  16. vapaach

    vapaach Chieftain

    Jun 24, 2008
    Not a lot of impact?

    Leonardo`s workshop, the internet, The manhattan project, the oracle of Delphi, The Oxford university, Himeijis samurai castle, Hollywood, The great pyramids.........
  17. PlasmidJunky

    PlasmidJunky Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2008
    I really wish that Rev could work with the PS3 music player. I would love to be able to listen to my own music in-game. It's a shame that Sony added that feature and nothing supports it yet really.
  18. 806slidingdoors

    806slidingdoors Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2008
    You can say that again!
  19. lucifer316

    lucifer316 Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2005
    well he did say it twice already a third time would be rather unnecessary
  20. 806slidingdoors

    806slidingdoors Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2008
    I'm hoping for four!

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