Some questions for the developers on editing and the civ3mod file?


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Dec 27, 2001
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Hi there, just wondering if you could help me out here... :crazyeyes

1. If you use the civ3mod.bic or a modified civ3mod.bic file for a standard game and midway through the game you decide to change some of the rules.... can this be done and play continue or do you have to start a new game to play with the remodified rules?

2a. Also, is it possible to have two AI strategies flagged or does that lead to flawed AI gameplay? For instance making my Cruisers able to carry missiles...should i label their strategy as naval missile transport, naval power or "ideally" both? For example, at present, will nuclear subs with just naval missile transport tagged be used offensively without the naval power strategy also selected?

2b. It would appear that when i made F15's AI strategy air bombard and air defence, the AI then only used them offensively meaning they then had no units for Air Defence?! Thus the AI does not use America's UU wisely or indeed how it is intended with their increased bombard values and precision bombing... Thus, i made America able to build both jet fighters (for air defence) and F15's (for air bombard) to hopefully allow the AI to use F15's as intended. Will this indeed be the case, or will the AI not be able to cope with this.

3. Will it affect the action of cruise missiles if i label them as tactical missiles as well as cruise missiles in their abilities box (thereby enabling them to be carried by nuclear subs and cruisers)?

4. Is it possible to get helicopters to load onto aircraft carriers, and with a unit onboard?

Many thanks in advance guys. :)
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